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Ahead of the Kid's Choice Awards, iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove will be meeting fans and signing autographs at Castle Towers.

miranda-cosgroveAhead of next week’s Kid’s Choice Awards, iCarly‘s Miranda Cosgrove will be meeting fans and signing autographs at Castle Towers Shopping Centre, Castle Hille on Monday at 4pm.

She will join Luke and Wyatt from Nickelodeon’s The GO Show on centre stage for a show in which kids aged five to 15 will demonstrate ‘wacky’ skills such as as playing a guitar behind their back, feats of double-jointedness and the ability to tie a knot in a jelly snake with your tongue. Bonus.

Registrations open from 3.15pm and the talent show starts at 4pm.

In addition to visiting Australia for the Kids’ Choice Awards, Cosgrove will also be conducting her very first press tour here, and launching iCarly fashion apparel & accessories at Target stores nationally.

She will next star in Universal’s animated film Despicable Me and is currently working on her solo album. World domination could follow…

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  1. i wish i can meet icarly but i cant i live in st.crox wish i could meet them i wish they could come by me and said be on icarly but i cant i live to far and i always wacth icarly i wake up 7 to wait for icarly all the time i am happy for every on how live in the states i wont to meet sam so funny i lover

  2. Ohhhh…, I love that show. Not sure if I can make the time, but I’ll be there if I can. Sooooo jealous if I dont’ get to meet her, maybe my mum can pick me up after school!!
    hahaha… not sure if I have a wacky talent though?

  3. I’m not a fan of the girl, but i’ll just be down the road, so i might go see her :p shouldn’t this be a weekend thing anyway, and not an after school event? I sometimes fail to understand the brains behind the mall. Anyway, this should be interesting 🙂

  4. They (Nickelodeon) have tried time and time again to achieve the cult and renowned statuses of Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus on Disney, but they have failed time and time again. They will fail again this time. Once again.

  5. This is what Amanda Bynes should have done, back when The Amanda Show was airing in and around the same slot as iCarly years ago.

    I wonder if a logo switch is in the works, after all, “Slime Of Your Life” sounds like a great slogan, to celebrate 15 years of Nickelodeon in Oz, and the perfect campaign for a logo change.

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