Morello wins The Apprentice

mor23 year old Victorian real estate auctioneer Andrew ‘Morello’ has won The Apprentice Australia.

He defeated Heather for the inaugural title of the Nine reality series.

Third place-getter Gavin was eliminated following a dinner with boss Mark Bouris.




Both finalists had to draw teams from their former colleagues for a final challenge with the launch of a new men’s fragrance including name, bottle, TV ad and magazine campaign.

Heather settled on ‘Alpha Male’ fragrance, Morello chose a gangster theme named ‘Clyde.’ While Morello’s choices showed a lot of risk, Heather played it safe and simple.

Bouris seemed to accept that while Morello was best at managing people, Heather was stronger at completing a task.

In winning the Australian adaptation of the US series Morello lands a $200,00 package as Head of Business Development for wealth advisory company Yellow Brick Road with a 12 month contract.

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  1. Yes, hate the promo, you could tell who is winning!!! Anyone heard of a movie named ”The Yes Movie”, it is about young people starting their business, apprentice fans might like it too.

  2. The role was for a National Business Development Manager role in Bouris’ company. Morello is a good sales man and so was a better fit for the position.
    After all, Bouris wants his company to succeed and so he was always going to go with the contestant with the best ROI for him. All the best to Morello, on the yellow brick road!

  3. Like Many others I taped the final episode of the Apprectice through Foxtel, therefore unable to allocate extra time. The Mentalist was running late as usual, so I had a gut feeling the I would not see the final two minutes (the winner being announced) and I was right, totally spoild my night. Channel 9 you need to sort your programming schedules…not happy ….

  4. I don’t know what use Mark Bouris would have for a real estate agent in a financial capacity. I would have thought a law degree would have been more attuned to business dealings of his calibre. Good luck I say….

  5. Hang on, Morello is only 23? Ouch. And what the hell does he put in his hair? And his cologne in a vibrator won?

    So many questions.

    I think Heather was better, but she was severely lacking in the people skills department.

  6. You’d think the promo producers would be smart enough to flip the image of Bouris to show him pointing to a different side of the boardroom table – as to not give away the winner.

  7. The job of apprentice is to learn and be mentored. Do you think Bouris would throw Morello into a high flying position right off the bat? Of course not. The kid is only 23 and he seems like he would be enthusiastic and eager to learn. Imagine Heather taking instruction … as we have already seen it’s not in her nature.

  8. heather lost because she was not a team player, ignored her assistants completely, morello was the right choice, its `all about being part of a team, thats what mr. bouris wanted, not a stand alone prima donna

  9. yeah i agree, when channel 9 show the promo, u know who won. That for me spoil the suspense of it

    Well done to both finalist, u did well , and i’m glad i’m not going to see Sabrina again

  10. Head of Business Development- marketing, legal, strategic, finance, administrative, planning, HR roles- while Morello is undoubtedly a nice guy and a very effective salesperson, I don’t get the feeling that he can step up and be the head of business development and take on all the necessary roles- not just sales. I wonder how the staff he will have working with him will respond when they realise that he really knows little about heading up business development .. While I enjoy the show, in the real world the marketing and sales tasks assigned to the competitors are not sufficient or accurate indicators of their business acumen, ability and skills for such a senior executive position eg selling pies in Hyde Park, being a TV presenter on TVSN. It obviously makes for good TV. Heather should have won, she had well rounded skills and would be able to take on the role wih more ease than Morello.

  11. Morello had to win. For Gavin, he is already smart, qualified and successful, this job wouldn’t make him as happy as it would Morello. Morello would never get a chance to get a job like this in his life, but Gavin could. Bouris knew this.

    It was really a tough choice for me.

    Yeah I agree, the promo showed which side he was looking at when he said “Your hired!”… soon as morello walked to the other side, I knew it was him… Fail

  12. Splendid show last night but I still would like Heather to win.
    Hopefully there will be a 2nd series and maybe, just maybe the final announcement should be made with a live audience a la Survivor finale!

  13. The Apprentice ran 2 minutes over last night. C’mon you pack of whingers! 2 minutes!! If you rely on a PVR, set it to record extra. 2 minutes cannot be helped. Find me one service in the world that runs on time to the minute, actually, find me one service that you do not pay for that runs on time.

  14. No surprise that he won.
    Although he is a nice guy he doesn’t have the talent to succeed in the business world.He might be able to sell most things but Bouris needs more than a one trick pony.
    Good luck to him though.
    Heather got knifed in the back by her gutless teammates.She was superior in almost all the business tasks.I guess talent doesn’t always win,particularly in game shows!

  15. Nine has had many failures but this show shone through, I’m really hoping for a series 2. The success of this show can be attributed to the fact that they stuck very close to the US Apprentice format and didn’t try Australian-ise it too much.

  16. Apprentice Australia and the seven Habits of highly effective people

    While Heather more focus on her ‘private victory’, The first three habits of 7 habits of highly effective people, 1. Be proactive, 2. Begin with and end in mind, and 3. Put the first thing first, to accomplish her tasks amazingly.

    There is no doubt that Morello has implemented the foundation necessary to move on to the more difficult “public victory” of 7 habits of highly effective people . He absolutely uses the three public victory habits 4. Think Win/Win; 5. Seek First to Understand, then be Understood; and 6. Synergise with his team and Win Mark Bouris heart.

    A strong Collaboration is a Key Factor to his Win.

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