Nine News drops Grant Hackett

ghackFormer Olympian Grant Hackett has been dropped as weekend sports presenter on Nine News Melbourne.

TV Tonight understands the swimming champ was given the bad news on Friday by GTV9 boss Jeffrey Browne. Hackett has been with the network since signing in September 2008, after being pursued by Channel Seven.

He has been in the role on weekends, occasionally alternating with Darwin-bred Lisa Andrews, as well as taking over in weeknights in summer in place of Tony Jones.

Hackett was also¬† recently announced as part of Nine’s Winter Olympics presentation team, to present “colour pieces” on the Games and Vancouver. This week he appears as a presenter in What’s Good For You This Summer and has also appeared intermittently in 20 to 1.

Melbourne’s Nine News presenting team will soon switch to its summer team headed up by Jo Hall.

Update: The Herald Sun now reports Hackett will remain with the network on other programmes.


  1. l totally agree with your comments Craig well said,when Grant was hired sports reporter Christine Ahern was over looked for the job,she was not happy according too gossip she ended up leaving the newsroom after a few months.She is now Today shows melbourne reporter.

  2. did some say overton?…..send overton with hacket to read the news in mt isa then we wouldnt have to see either of them…(im from sydney so never have seen hackett)…but surely he can be a creepy as ovelteen?????

  3. He is possibly the worst newsreader I have ever seen. How did he last almost a year? (I know the answer is percieved celebrity) Seriously, networks, it’s not the ’80s anymore. If athletes don’t have any presenting talent, please don’t sign them.

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