Primetime Survivor on Nine’s summer

Updated: Survivor, Cold Case, Flashpoint, Motorway Patrol, Crusoe, Wipeout and NZ dramedy Burying Brian are some of Nine's treats in the first week of summer.

ssPrimetime Survivor, the return of Cold Case, Flashpoint, Motorway Patrol, Wipeout, CSI: New York, the premiere of Crusoe and continuing ER, Getaway are some of the offerings in Nine’s first week of summer.

Nine will also repeat Rescue: Special Ops, David Attenborough’s Life in Cold Blood, Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, and will strip Australia’s Funniest Home Videos in a 7pm half hour version after watching the idea perform on GO!

It will premiere Burying Brian, a NZ dramedy about a woman who wants to kill her hubby, but when it happens by accident she suddenly looks guilty. Whilst Nine gets drama points for this, it looks like also returning to its summer habit of first-run Aussie films late on Saturday nights to achieve the same result.

As promised, Survivor: Samoa is airing, now in primetime -the reason ‘Tocantins’ is whipping through multiple eps on GO! The series is currently on air in the US where nine episodes have screened. It should also be the first time the show airs in high definition in Australia.

Sun Nov 29
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm 20 to 1 rpt
7:30pm David Attenborough’s Life in Cold Blood rpt
8:30pm Movie: Firewall rpt
10:40pm Movie: Suspect Zero

Mon Nov 30
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:00pm Australia’s Funniest Home Videos (Daily edition)
7:30pm Two and a Half Men rpt
8:00pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
8:30pm The Mentalist rpt
9:30pm Flashpoint
10:30pm Burying Brian
11:30pm Nine’s Late News

Tue Dec 1
7:30pm Survivor: Samoa
8:30pm Movie: Oceans Thirteen rpt
11:00pm Secret Diary of a Call Girl rpt 2 eps

Wed Dec 2
7:30pm Two and a Half Men rpt
8:00pm TBA
8:30pm Cold Case
9:30pm Cold Case rpt
10:30pm True CSI
11:30pm Nine’s Late News

Thu Dec 3
7:30pm Getaway
8:30pm Rescue: Special Ops rpt
9:30pm CSI: New York
10:30pm ER
11:30pm Nine’s Late News

Fri Dec 4
7:30pm Motorway Patrol
8:00pm Rapid Response
8:30pm Movie: The Last Samurai
11:45pm Nine’s Late News

Sat Dec 5
6:30pm Wipeout
7:30pm Crusoe
9:30pm Special: The Making of Avatar
10:00pm Movie: Jammed


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  1. Agree with Dave! Survivor Samoa is the best season…ever? Shall have to see how it ends but it’d gearing up for it. The biggest villain ever and I’m cheering him on with every move. 🙂

  2. Only quality thing there is airing Surivor Samoa on Channel 9 at 7:30pm. It’s been the best season I’ve watched in Years!! I think Samoa could definately reinterest alot of old Survivor fans to watch once again, plus Season 20 has been rumoured to be a “Heroes Vs Villians” Series with former contestants including some 3-peat’s (yes, people competing for the 3rd time).

    Channel 9 may be in luck with a new interest in the next couple of seasons of Survivor if they stay committed to it throughout Summer.

  3. picture this…all of 9’s programmers are running around their office at TCN yelling and screaming, making silly noises…like a creche or day care centre…i mean this has to be the scenario…for the love of the big man upstairs…i can’t work out their programming…. for one thank harry the cricket starts soon

  4. Based on that line up, Nine should call themselves GO TWO over summer. Drop Dead Diva will actually be on both channel 9 and GO at the same time on Thursday nights. GO did the daily video show when they first started. Wipeout, Survivor, Big Bang all on GO as well.

  5. wow, only 2 eps of men a week, good idea as everyone would have seen all the eps by now with how many times they have been replayed, although i’m not sure if people would want to watch funniest home videos every day, this will probably be good for the rating of the 7pm project though. glad to see new eps of cold case are finally back as well.

  6. I agree that Drop Dead Diva shouldn’t be repearted on the main channel. Also the triple episodes of Drop Dead Diva are on Go that week so both the channel 9 stations will be playing the same program.

  7. Yawn… i just grabbed Stargate Atlantis Complete Series from the US. Might watch that along with new eps of Stargate Universe, Big Bang Theory and new Scrubs. I get more by programming my own TV viewing than waiting to see what the networks do. I will support Ten’s doomed attempt at a primetime revival of The Office though. That looks to be about it though.

  8. Whilst I agree with Byron that shows that are on GO! really should just stick to GO!, I’m really happy to see that Nine’s given Survivor a second chance. For one it’ll be in HD, which will make it even better. I really hope it gets good ratings.

    The rest of the line up is trash. Funniest Home Videos at 7pm? Watch The 7pm Project’s ratings go up over summer.

  9. The Good: Nothing
    The Bad: Yeah.. everything.
    One minute of UnFunniest Home Videos is enough, let alone 2.5 Hours of it a week. How will Nine cope with only 2x Two and a Half Men?
    Why switch Wipeout and Drop Dead Diva from GO! to Nine, so when they hit GO, they will all be repeats.
    Ahh well, I dont want Nine anyway, so good luck to them, they’ll need it.

  10. This schedule is horrendous, it makes Ten’s look good by default. Repeat after repeat after repeat. What’s with the double episodes of Cold Case, one of the worst procedurals in years? Its likely to be axed at the end of this season anyway. Good thing they have Go! to dump all their half-decent shows, so they can keep their main one infested with crap. And don’t they have 2 seasons of CSI: New York they’ve been holding off?

    The worst part is the nightly stripped Australia’s Funniest Home Videos. Watch this tank. Only 2 episodes of 2.5 men a week is a big reduction, I doubt it will last.

  11. I don’t like how Nine and GO! continue to switch shows. In my view, once a show has been aired on GO! it should not be aired on the main channel again. There is too much criss-cross and defeats the purpose of having a second, seperate stand-alone channel with its own programming. Survivor, Wipeout and Drop Dead Diva should not be taken from Nine to GO! to back on Nine. Big Bang Theory should not be shown on GO! on Sundays and Two and a Half Men should not be shown anywhere

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