Programming round-up

mark-bourisA few people have emailled about upcoming shows, many of which I have noted in other posts, but let’s do a round-up as a friendly reminder…

Survivor: Tocantins is now in double episodes on GO! on Tuesdays and triple eps on Fridays. This is to wind up the show before Survivor: Samoa airs on Nine in December. Nine has also corrected its guide to ensure the 2 hr finale will be followed by the Reunion beginning at 8:30pm Friday November 27th.

False Witness this Sunday night on Nine is 3 hours (including ads) edited down from its original running time of 2 x 90.

Real Crime “Nailing the Bail Bomber” airs 10:30pm Sunday on Seven.

Forgotten Australians Apology will be screening live (AEDT) on Monday, November 16 at 11am on ABC1 replacing Landline.

Top Gear: Winter Olympics Special is next Monday 7:30 on SBS ONE. Friday episodes begin also begin this week.

The Apprentice Australia next week is 2 hrs, followed by a 90 min finale on November 23rd.

Celebrity MasterChef will now eliminate one person each episode, concluding with two episodes on November 24 / 25. The final ep is 2 hours.

Good News Week wraps with a 2 hr finale on November 23.

NCIS is no longer a new episode on November 24, meaning Nov 17 should be its final new ep for 2010.

Rush will have a 2 hour ep as its finale on November 26.


  1. Im so angry that next Tuesdays new episode will be the last new one for this year. Rush is airing Ep 19 on Thursday, 20 next week and 21/22 will be the finale eps. Cant wait!

    When do ratings return David? Wasnt there a shift of dates?

  2. @MUZZA: Seven would have no excuse at all not to show Lost straight after it airs in the US. It’ll get an 8.30 spot on 7TWO. No need to wait for weeks before airing it, like they did earlier this year. It should be shown like they’re currently showing FlashForward, where we get the episode before the US gets the next one.

  3. Well now i’m 4 episodes behind in Survivor. The bloody dvd recorder timer didn’t work properly again last night at 1am. From what i’ve seen so far none of the contestants seem that great, or interetsing or likable.

  4. David, do you know what channel 7 is going to do with Lost. Are they going to Fastrack on their new channel? Do they have air dates yet. I really would like to watch it on FTA but if its going to be a long gap between the US and Australia i dont want the last season spoiled by accidentally finding out stuff on the internet. Please let me know.

  5. @ Justin, according to the TEN website, this week’s episode should be ep19s2, so in two weeks they’ll have broadcast all 22 ep of S2 this year.

    I’m just going on their website’s catchup page.

  6. David, RE: False Witness – by my calculations 2 x 90 mins is 3 hours. Do you mean they have edited out 30 odd minutes to include the same running time now with commercials?

  7. Im pretty sure Rush will finish up on the final week. It started in the middle of July and has had a double episode. According to my calculations with the double episode in the final week that is 20 weeks of Rush – 22 episodes. Rush has been picked up for a full season order again is that 22 episodes again?

    Lots of NCIS next year how many episodes have they actually shown this year? I think it would be about 7 or 8 all up of new episodes – same as NCIS:LA so they will have a 16 episode run next year with new episodes and could break over Easter so they will have 18 weeks of NCIS/NCIS:LA new episodes. Good for 10.

  8. Will Rush actually be a season finale, or merely the final ep of 2009. This season was a full 22 ep order and im not sure all eps will have been played???

  9. I knew NCIS would leave several eps hanging over the summer.

    GNW is all but 2 hours most weeks.

    False Witness – I hate when they edit down shows!

    Yay for Top Gear showing 2 eps a week, Fridays will be interesting, any chance SBS could beat ABC or even TEN on Fridays?

  10. Interesting but good there are using the second channels to finish what they took off and surprising of how quickly. Will be interesting what the networks will do when things are up to date particularly with Go! some shows are no longer on air.

  11. David, what’s happening with Glee? This week it’s in repeat. That’s kind of disappointing because I was hoping that Ten would play the new episode since it airs the same day in the states.

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