Rafters finale tops 2m

rbMore than two million Australians tuned in for the birth of the Rafters baby last night as Channel Seven’s popular drama closed its second season.

‘Ruby Louise Rafter’ finally arrived after screaming scenes from Julie Rafter (Rebecca Gibney) in a very quintessentially Australian episode full of comedy, drama and heartfelt moments. It capped off an extraordinary run for the drama on Seven this year, regularly attracting figures of around 1.9m.

Along with Unlikely Animal Friends (1.37m) the network romped home with a 34.6% share last night, thrashing its nearest rival, Nine on 25.5%.

The best the rest could manage was 1.13m for Two and a Half Men. Even TEN’s penultimate Celebrity MasterChef had to settle for 1.08m viewers as Alex Lloyd was cut from the pack.

ABC’s Jail Birds lost ground in its second week, down to 542,000 while East West 101 signed off with 131,000.

Week 48


  1. boring, broad, all aussie crap. aims at the same market that thinks “muriels wedding” is the epitome of cinema and use “darl” every time they talk to somemone.

  2. “Hey we’ve got a top quality new locally produced drama, where should be place it on the schedule?”

    “Why not opposite another top quality locally produced drama that’s also happens to be the no.1 show in the country?”

    “Great idea!”

    Yeah, thanks SBS.

  3. This episode deserved the ratings it got it is a great show I loved every moment of it does any one know if sammy will be back next season or has her actress moved on??

  4. Not sure if it was just me, but the build up to the Rafters finale was “is it a boy or girl?” but in the promos, you could clearly see a balloon with “its a girl” on it!

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