Returning: CSI: NY

CSINewYorkNine has already made a switch to its summer schedule and removed Drop Dead Diva from the first week of summer (you blogged, they listened?).

Instead it has announced the return of CSI: New York.

It returns with S5E11 “Forbidden Fruit.”

The CSIs appear to have an open and shut case after a murder suspect is impaled during a police pursuit, but it turns out the investigation is just beginning. Stars Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes and Carmine Giovinazzo.

It airs 9:30pm Thursday December 3.

The show is also back this week in a one-off as part of the CSI trilogy this Thursday.



  1. Give Their New 3rd Channel all the 2.5 men and put back a game show to follow A Current Affair On Weeknights of some sort.
    I remember as a kid 7pm weeknights was always Sale of the Century time in our home.Unlike the Charlie Sheen Marathons it was something intelligent and brainy to look forward to

  2. About f%$!Jing time ch9 for bring back CSI NY. I waited for so long to watch season 5 that I went out & bought the DVD myself. Know lets see if they will take it off after 1 or 2 episodes.

  3. I have just given up on 9. You never know if they’ll honour their schedule, or see a series out to its finish, it’s just not worth investing time in something that’s gonna disappear or move to another night or time. Besides, I’ve got all the new Fox stuff now anyway…

  4. Hey guys!! cant wait till CSI: NY comes back! it is the best of the CSI’s.

    But one question…. is it on the Thursday… because Thursday is the 3rd December and the 5th is a Saturday….. so I am assuming it is Thursday the 3rd.

    Please clarify if possible.


  5. About time Ch 9!!!. What took ya so long?.

    Even though I now own CSI NY s5 on Dvd & have watched all the eps, I hope that Ch 9 continues through all of s5 & show the new eps of s6.

    Is ch 9 also planning to show the last 5 eps of CSI Miami s7 (I also have the s7 dvd as well) & continue straight into s8?.

  6. I mentioned on media spy that I bet that nine would alter their schedule for summer… i was right !

    Is the CSI New York returning over summer going to be new episodes?

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