Returning: Gossip Girl

bcThe third series of Gossip Girl returns to FOX8 on  Tuesday December 1 at 8.30pm.

This season promises Hilary Duff, Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, same sex kisses, threesomes and the usual furtive love and peer group fallout.

Series Two ended with Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) declaring their love for each other but as  Executive Producer Stephanie Savage says, “Don’t expect it to be all chocolates and roses. Chuck and Blair in a relationship is going to be very unique and something we haven’t seen before.”

“Something definitely happens with bad boy Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan) over the summer and we see Serena Van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Carter deal with the fallout over that in our first few episodes.”

Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) finds a new ladylove in Bree Buckley (Joanna Garcia), a Texan girl whose Republican family counts the Vanderbilts as political rivals so it’s game on. But apparently it’s Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) who will really be the one to watch this season.

“We really do see Jenny struggling with what she is going to do with this power that has been given to her,” continues Savage. “Jenny is back at Constance and now she is a junior – the same age as our other girls when the show started.”

FOX8 continues its first run rights for the series, while GO! is running Season One.


  1. ch9 was so pathetic to cancel season 1 earlier this year. they waited ages to air it, then showed 2 episodes and cancelled it to “poor ratings” during the summer (aka non-ratings period) and put it on at 10.30pm…. and they expected huge numbers at that timeslot? so stupid

    season is 3 really great. gerogina sparks is so bloody evil i love it. lol

  2. Shows like this are long overdue in Australia.

    Why don’t they consider selling it to the ABC as something for their teenage viewers They haven’t had anything of this sort since the Heartbreak High days of the nineties

  3. @Cleavy, we catch up fairly quickly because of all the breaks the show takes between blocks of episodes…at 22 weeks a season, we should see the finale by the end of May, which is when the finale would air in the States. Fast-tracking whilst of benefit to die-hard fans, is a program scheduler’s nightmare here in Australia (what to show in between? repeats and then confuse everybody? or other stuff and then lose viewers who might think the show’s been taken off?)…hence I applaud Fox8 for waiting until December to commence Season 3 so that there doesn’t need to be any breaks during the season.

  4. Exactly !!! I”m happy waiting for FOX8 cos its only 3 months .As soon as summer starts so does Season 3 . As for GO! thats for conservatives to eventually catch up (2 years later). if they are not gonna get the dvd and enjoy ads…..

  5. vinny aka tvaddict0909

    @craig – I am pretty sure that nine sold the rights to all these shows (before it had go!) so it only has re run rights. In other words it can only show a gossip girl season after it is shown on pay tv.

    But for people like me who don’t have pay tv it is better than nothing !

    So I assume Gossip Girl Season 2 will be on GO soon .??

  6. You know you love me! xoxo Gossip Girl. Looking forward to this…it’s been a while between seasons. You need a show every now and then that doesn’t require much brain drain.

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