Returning: Jam & Jerusalem

jam_jerusalemThe third series of Jam & Jerusalem will have its Australian premiere on UKTV this month.

Written by Jennifer Saunders, the ladies of the Clatterford Women’s Guild aired across two series on the ABC. This new series aired in the UK in August.

Series Three was made in six parts, but broadcast as three one hour specials with two parts per episode in the UK.

In the first episode, Sal discovers an old planning application to convert the barn in the field behind her house and, despite the fact that it is officially too late to object, she enlists the help of the Guild in an effort to stop the development. She enjoys their full support, until Rosie discovers from the developer that the barn will be occupied by none other than Charles Dance. How could the Guild stand in the way of such an illustrious neighbour?

It airs 7.30pm Mondays from November 23 on UKTV.


  1. Yes ABC has only aired series 1.l have been waiting all year for them too air series 2 and they have not yet.I brought series 1 on dvd and enjoyed it .

  2. I’m pretty sure that we have only had series 1 and the Christmas special shown on the ABC. We’re still waiting on series 2- unless I missed it somehow, but I doubt it.
    – Ross

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