Returning: Nine’s summer of cricket

glenn_mcgrathAs previously indicated, Nine’s summer of cricket begins with the All Star Twenty20 on Sunday, November 22, broadcast live from the Gabba in Brisbane from 7.30pm AEDT.

Shane Warne will captain the All Stars. Joining him will be Glenn McGrath, Adam Gilchrist and Matt Hayden.

Fast bowler Dennis Lillee will coach the All Stars while former Test captain Greg Chappell will coach the Australian XI.

The 2009-10 international cricket season begins with the Test Series between Australia and the West Indies on Thursday, November 26, with the First Test at the Gabba. The Second Test will start in Adelaide on Friday, December 4, followed by the Third Australia-Windies Test in Perth from Wednesday, December 16.

Australia then play three Tests against Pakistan. The first encounter is the traditional Boxing Day Test from the MCG (December 26-30). The Second Test is in Sydney (January 3-7) and Hobart hosts the Third Test (January 14-18).

After the two Test series the Commonwealth Bank One-Day International Series fires up with Australia taking on Pakistan and the West Indies. The first one-dayer is set down for Friday, January 22 when Australia meet Pakistan in Brisbane.

Australia will also play three KFC Twenty20 Internationals this season, one against Pakistan and two against the West Indies.

Mark Nicholas will host the Wide World of Sports coverage, with Richie Benaud heading up thecommentary team of Bill Lawry, Tony Greig, Ian Chappell, Mark Taylor, Ian Healy, Michael Slater and James Brayshaw.

Shane Warne and Adam Gilchrist will also feature for Nine.

The Cricket Show will air at lunchtimes during all five Test matches. Simon O’Donnell returns as host with domestic and international cricket news and scores.

Nine’s cricket coverage will be captured via thirty-four high definition cameras while the Hotspot, Hawk-Eye, Snicko and the Slo Mo Extreme cameras all return.

Telecast Dates:


November 22, 2009: KFC Australian XI v Johnnie Walker ACA All*Star Team – Brisbane



November 26-30, 2009: Australia v West Indies – Brisbane


December 4-8, 2009: Australia v West Indies – Adelaide


December 16-20, 2009: Australia v West Indies – Perth



December 26-30, 2009: Australia v Pakistan – Melbourne


January 3-7, 2010: Australia v Pakistan – Sydney


January 14-18, 2010: Australia v Pakistan – Hobart


January 22, 2010: Australia v Pakistan – Brisbane

January 24, 2010: Australia v Pakistan – Sydney

January 26, 2010: Australia v Pakistan – Adelaide

January 29, 2010: Australia v Pakistan – Perth

January 31, 2010: Australia v Pakistan – Perth

February 7, 2010: Australia v West Indies – Melbourne

February 9, 2010: Australia v West Indies – Adelaide

February 12, 2010: Australia v West Indies – Sydney

February 14, 2010: Australia v West Indies – Brisbane

February 19, 2010: Australia v West Indies – Melbourne


February 5, 2010: Australia v Pakistan – Melbourne

February 21, 2010: Australia v West Indies – Hobart

February 23, 2010: Australia v West Indies – Sydney

Check local guides for times.


  1. I just turned on the cricket, another summer of Tony Greig means another summer of me listening to the radio. When Kerry said he had a job for life, he really meant it.

  2. Woo-hoo. Cricket and continuing good stuff on ABC1 and ABC2. That’s about all there is to watch in any summer.
    Seriously though, why not dump Slater and Tony Greig. And get Tony Cozier and Michael Holding in the box for the West Indies series. Mark Nichols is by far the best of the bunch, now that Richie doesn’t really do that much.

  3. thank god the cricket is back. but i wish they would get rid of about 4 od the commentary team when richie goes this year. grig, lawry, taylor and healy. they are all well past their used by date

  4. @Daniel – totally agree dude. Nine have been falling over themselves to put extra commentators in, but Aussies only. First they went to a 3 man booth, then they added Michael Slater, Adam Gilchrist and Shane Warne turn up occasionally too, so they have a massive roster of the olds: Richie, Bill, Tony, Chappelli and the news: Heals, Tubby, Slats, Gilly, Warney – all with the smooth Mark Nicholas holding them together. If they’re adding Brayshaw as well, good lord, poor Richie will never get a word in. They really need to cut some commentators, go back to a 2 man booth and get a couple of guys who’ve actually watched the West Indies and Pakistan play. That would be heaps better.

  5. @Peter:

    The Winter Olympics here will be largely an early morning to mid-afternoon airing due to the time difference.

    The only cricket games in that period are 2 one day games and 2 Twenty-20 games all of which should be day/night or night only (not sure about the 20-20 game in Hobart, but that would be afternoon only if there are no lights there).

    4pm Sydney = 9pm Vancouver

    My guess is cricket will take priority (it’s still on Foxtel after all) unless something big happens (potential Australian gold medal, geeky Australian spectator gets hit by a puck at the Germany v Belarus ice hockey game, etc).

    Not that it will affect me…. I’ll be in Vancouver.

  6. Why don’t they have any non-Australian commentators? Surely, having a West Indian commentator (Michael Holding) and a Pakistani commentator (Wasim Akram) would make the coverage better. I may be an aussie but i am sick of only hearing the aussie point of view on cricket. Thats what makes the cricket coverage in the rest of the world better. At the moment, Australia are in India, and the commentators are speaking two at a time, one aussie, one indian. It is a lot better.

  7. Geez franz chong. We had an elderly neighbour, with no family, who lived for those soaps. Maybe you should stop being so harsh on others who are not like you.

  8. Should be good.I know there will be the usual complaints from the Days of Our Lives Viewers about Missing their programme over the summer due to the Cricket but honestly there is more to life than daytime soaps. They should get over it.

  9. And I wonder whether WIN will have its HD “service” back on the air, and even if they do will they show the cricket in HD for the first time?

    Anyone taking bets?

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