Returning: Weeds, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Wire, Fringe

weedAs promised, those shows that have been dumped from GO! are back once non-ratings begin.

This is because Nine is keen to lift its network share in the final days of the ratings year. Probably so it can claim the “Nine Network” won key demographics.

South Park is back 8:30pm Sunday November 29th
Curb Your Enthusiasm is back 9:30pm Sunday November 29th
Weeds is back 10:00pm Sunday November 29th dbl ep

The Bachelor is back 10:30pm Tuesday December 1

Fringe is back 8:30pm Thursday December 2
The Wire is back 9:30pm Wednesday December 2

Drop Dead Diva is back 8:30pm Thursday December 3 -3 eps

Father of the Pride is back 9:30pm Saturday December 5 followed by South Park and Reno 911

So far Gossip Girl is still out.


  1. Is it any wonder that GO! treats viewers with contempt, after all it is Channel 9 controlling it. The same network which dumped Seinfeld back in early 90’s (thankfully Ch.10 bought the rights) yet, this year have been trying to cash in on the ‘Seinfeld Reunion’ related episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm (CYE) by blatantly misleading viewers by advertising their broadcasts of these episodes as ‘The Seinfeld Reunion’. Unfortunately for those viewers who haven’t watched CYE before, it all seems disjointed and nothing makes sense. Is it any wonder that some people resort to watching their favourite shows by alternate methods

  2. The hills and gossip girls suck. I hope they dissapear from the face of the earth as soon as possible. And ffs get rid of The Bachelor/ette Nine rejected those shows for good reasons. No one watches them

  3. Thanks for that information.

    What happened to “The Hills” and “Gossip Girl”… no news on these shows returning. ?

    They fit the channel nicely I think.

  4. Another interesting thing, ABC 2 is now up to Series 2 of the Wire… So I guess people who want a fix of the show can switch there instead.

    Abc 1 and 2 are reliable channels for programming,

  5. This is great news, I am pleased they are coming back soon.

    I am still pi**ed off that they took them off just for ratings….

    The Bachelor is back ???? Only 1 series from 2007 was played out on go! this year in full then they went on to the 2009 Bachelorette, though I do recall when the Bachelorette 2009 series premiered a while back that they put the Bachelor on on Friday afternoon for 1 episode.

    Are you sure that you don’t mean the Bachelorette is back 10:30pm Tuesday December 1?

    @mikeys – I agree with everything you say and you couldn’t have said it better !

    • This season’s Bachelor is Brad Womack, 34, a sincere, sexy, successful, self-made entrepreneur who may be the series’ hottest guy yet. Womack moves to his Malibu bachelor pad and prepares to search for the woman of his dreams while travelling to the mansion via limousine, the ladies get their first good look at their competition.

      Bachelorette follows.

  6. I sometimes wonder whether Channel Nine programmers are subject to a lot more pressure from higher ups than those at 7 and 10. I am well aware of the need of the commercial networks to be ratings conscious. This is why I don’t complain about cancellations and schedule changes of low rating shows, even if I have been watching them. Having said that, I fear that these excessive schedule changes may do more harm than good.

    I think they need to realise that it isn’t just TV nerds who notice these things. Regular viewers who have been following these programs will be irate as well, and even though they won’t decide to launch a boycott against the network, they will still associate their negative feelings of disappointment and anguish with the Go! channel. This can only counteract the positive associations Nine are trying to build up through flashy network promos and the like.

  7. Good, as it should be.

    F*** you GO!, and more so Nine, for screwing around your audience for a measly 2 weeks of end of year ratings.

    If you continue to screw ppl around, people will go elsewhere, and rightfully so.

    Keep things consistent for 3 month periods; play shows and series’ from start to finish, in order; no exceptions…

    Build an audience; build your shows; FFS have a go at the dregs that the Nine channel rejects…

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