Rove quits TEN show

roveRove McManus has announced he is stepping down from his Channel TEN show.

“I’ve decided after ten years of doing the show tonight will be my last one,” he said.

“This is purely my decision. It’s not one I have made lightly or flippantly, or easily I must say. I just think the timing is right. I need to stop, take a step back and see what happens next,” he said.

“It’s something that has been sitting on my mind a little bit.  Now after ten wonderful years I think we’re at the perfect spot to be able to stop and do it on our times, while we’re still on a high and ride off into the sunset hopefully.

“I know we’ve made jokes about this on the show before.”

“If you need to email, tweet or send off a carrier pigeon to let people know…. I would love for them to be on board to be able to say goodbye before the end of it.

“It is very short notice I do realise, but I only came to the decision recently and to be honest I didn’t want a whole lot of fuss going into tonight.”

His final show is currently airing on TEN.

“I also think tonight is the perfect night for it. We’ve got the best setting possible. All our cast is here for it.”

TEN has now issued a statement which says. “The strong relationship between Roving Enterprises and TEN will continue to grow with The 7PM Project and Before The Game, both on TEN through 2010.”

TEN, which initially indicated Rove would return in 2010, had denied the show was ending including in newspaper reports this weekend. It previously indicated it was yet to make a decision on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? -absent from its latest statement.

McManus, who began his television career in community television, has had his own variety show on both Nine and TEN. He has won Gold Logies, been lauded by Jay Leno and continues to pick up accolades, last week winning two awards at the Kids’ Choice Awards. This year’s show performed well off the back of MasterChef Australia but had a trickier time following Australian Idol.

McManus this year married Tasma Walton in a surprise wedding in Western Australia.

Rove ended with its host thanking cast, crew, families, TEN and viewers with a hope to reacquaint at some time in the future.

“For the last time… say bye to your mum for me.”

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  1. Trace Washington

    Im sad to see Rove go, Whilst in Australia always tuned into Rove as I enjoyed the mix of entertainment, plus he was just a big kid, I think that is why my kids especially could relate to Rove, especially his skits with Elmo!

    Im now based in the USA so I havent been able to watch Rove since late 08. Wish Rove all the best for his future endeavours and hopes they can find /create a nice variety show/light entertainment for Australians to enjoy / watch back home.

  2. tasmanian devil

    Rove will not be missed. In fact I believe that Australia now having no interview/tonight style show is not as bad as having one hosted by Rove. There are many reasons why but I shan’t burden myself by having to list them once again.
    I think Ten or another network should start thinking about producing a new interview/variety/tonight show, perhaps Micallef Tonight (or something similar) could be revived on Ten? What with the New Year special, although Shaun Micallef does have TBYG, which I do enjoy.
    I’ve noticed also that some people have mentioned Hamish and Andy possibly hosting a show. While they are not the worst comedians around, I can’t really imagine them hosting a TV show, let alone that format.
    So on behalf of the “intellectuals”, and seeming minority, of Generations XYZ who don’t esteem Rove and his “humour”, good riddance.
    @Paul, Rove will never be up there with the likes of the people you mentioned.

  3. It is going to be weird not having Rove on the TV anymore. I’ve pretty much grown up with him on TV and while he is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea, you have to respect him for lasting this long.

    As for a replacement, I don’t think Hamish and Andy will be taking over. I don’t think they would be able to do both their radio show and an hour+ TV show each week. I think they work better in short bursts on TV anyway.

    Shaun Micalef would be good but he doesn’t have a great track record although after TAYG people might be more open to him.

    Another possibility is to bring back The Panel, especially if they can the 7pm Project.

  4. I am sad to see Rove leaving. He is one of the funniest people on television and I loved his shows.
    Sunday nights are not going to be the same again and you will be sadly missed Rove.

  5. wow, it hard to believe this show will no longer be on the air. i find it interesting that ten agreed to not advertise that this was the last ever ep as they would have had huge ratings, but i am glad that they respected rove’s wishes. i agree the show hasn’t been as good as it used to be and carrie and hughes leaving was probably the last straw. regardless rove has managed to be a the air for a long time and gave us many years of entertainment and laughter. plus he seems like a great guy, and i wish him all the best in his future plans.

  6. the show gradually got worse and worse. dave hughes was a mistake to bring him onto the show. peter helliar was losing the plot and rove’s jokes and comedy act was not funny

  7. @Paul,

    I think its a bit rich to compare Rove to those greats you mentioned, they are a in a totally different stratosphere.

    As good as Rove was, he can’t be compared to those who are icons in the industry.

  8. I can’t believe it!

    Sunday nights will never be the same again!

    Now we can look forward to the arrogant ego Daryl Somers strutting out the black and white minstrels in 2010

    and Seven can bore us to death with more racist border security shows!

    And if TEN do bring back a variety show – let’s hope it’s that “Evening with Shaun Micaleff” and not the overrated juvenile Hamish and Andy!!!

  9. This was out of now where. I was sad, and I cried, but personally, recently, I think they’ve been not very funny very recently and kind of cutting it fine and crossing the line twice and pushing their jokes too far. Just becoming tasteles Chaser Wannabe’s on some episodes.
    07/08 was it’s best time, with Carrie and the Who Would You Turn For questions.
    I liked his interviewing style and he just allowed people to talk about what they wanted too, which I think was a very good thing for an interviewer to do, so I hope he continues to interview wherever he goes next.
    I think he’ll come back, not as his own show, but sometime he will!
    I would like to say he did have some awesome episodes this season and last season including the final episode which was one of the best he’s done ever….
    better to go out smiling then being kicked out!

  10. Such a big shame. Now I have no variety weekly show to look forward to. Will definitely miss the show. Much love. Wonder what Rove & the others are going to do now. Gonna miss the stuff that Hamish and Andy showed on the show too.

  11. If Hamish and Andy, Micallef or someone else doesn’t get their own show to replace this one, all the guest spots will be moved onto Good News Week, which will be bad for everyone.

  12. Matt says:
    November 16, 2009 at 7:08 am

    “Rove probably left to join the ALP”

    I doubt it, considering he launched The Greens’ Bob Brown’s new book ‘Earth’ the other day.

  13. I guess it’s back to 10 hours straight of CSI/NCIS/VSIP/BNOP/L&O SVU/NCISISCA/NCISCSISMU…whoa the variety of TV today, it’s either crime or depressing medical shows.

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