Rove quits TEN show

roveRove McManus has announced he is stepping down from his Channel TEN show.

“I’ve decided after ten years of doing the show tonight will be my last one,” he said.

“This is purely my decision. It’s not one I have made lightly or flippantly, or easily I must say. I just think the timing is right. I need to stop, take a step back and see what happens next,” he said.

“It’s something that has been sitting on my mind a little bit.  Now after ten wonderful years I think we’re at the perfect spot to be able to stop and do it on our times, while we’re still on a high and ride off into the sunset hopefully.

“I know we’ve made jokes about this on the show before.”

“If you need to email, tweet or send off a carrier pigeon to let people know…. I would love for them to be on board to be able to say goodbye before the end of it.

“It is very short notice I do realise, but I only came to the decision recently and to be honest I didn’t want a whole lot of fuss going into tonight.”

His final show is currently airing on TEN.

“I also think tonight is the perfect night for it. We’ve got the best setting possible. All our cast is here for it.”

TEN has now issued a statement which says. “The strong relationship between Roving Enterprises and TEN will continue to grow with The 7PM Project and Before The Game, both on TEN through 2010.”

TEN, which initially indicated Rove would return in 2010, had denied the show was ending including in newspaper reports this weekend. It previously indicated it was yet to make a decision on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? -absent from its latest statement.

McManus, who began his television career in community television, has had his own variety show on both Nine and TEN. He has won Gold Logies, been lauded by Jay Leno and continues to pick up accolades, last week winning two awards at the Kids’ Choice Awards. This year’s show performed well off the back of MasterChef Australia but had a trickier time following Australian Idol.

McManus this year married Tasma Walton in a surprise wedding in Western Australia.

Rove ended with its host thanking cast, crew, families, TEN and viewers with a hope to reacquaint at some time in the future.

“For the last time… say bye to your mum for me.”

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  1. Wow, I thought he said he was gonna be back next year. If I knew this was the last ever one, I would have watched…hell I would have watched the last few weeks as well.

  2. OMG. This is insane.

    I can’t believe this is actually happening – that I’m watching the last Rove ever. Sundays on TV without Rove are going to be sooo boring. Thanks for all the memories and for a fun show.

  3. It has lost a lot of its genuine innovative comedy, and become quite lacklustre. To perpetuate it in this form would not have been a good plan.

    Good luck to him and the team in whatever they choose to do. I am certain they won’t be off TV for long.

  4. @Aaron: I feel like a fool that it never occurred to me that Micallef would take over. Personally, I thought Newstopia was a heap of trash, but something like this might fit him like a glove.

    However, if I was a betting man, I’d say 2-1 odds that Hamish and Andy are quickly named as replacements.

  5. Wouldn’t mind seeing Saturday Night Live slotted in place of Rove…

    But I have to say, kudos to Rove. I’ve never liked his humour, and found his show awful at the best of times, but he did what he did well, and he garnered quite a following in his time. He deserves credit for the spontaneous quitting, rather than making a play for ratings (which I would not have blamed him for doing).

    The only thing is, and I don’t know if it’s just the name of the article that’s making me think it, but I wonder if he hasn’t been poached by another network. With 5th Grader effectively dead, and The 7pm Project all but, it wouldn’t shock me if someone (who am I kidding… Seven) did the equivalent of a forcible takeover of Rove.

  6. Good – never really found him funny.

    Interesting Ten have given Shaun Micallef a go hosting a tonight-type show for New Years, and now this has happened … … 🙂

  7. Rove is no fool. He knows when to get out. He also knows that his production company has the perfect replacement – Hamish and Andy. They were badlt letdown by 7 when they first tried their own TV show. They are now much more TV savvy and Rove knows just how popular they are with the demographics 10 are chasing.

  8. Oh my lord. Why on earth didnt he announce it during the week in order to get ratings? Sad to see him quit.. Im sure he’ll still be doing something on TEN though.

  9. I can’t believe this! Huh? Where will Rove be next? Is he not going to be on TV anymore? There should have been more talk about it if it is really the final show ever.

    What was all the talk about rove returning later in the year next year (March/April) and now not ever? Maybe it’s a trick and rove will be back in some different format. Wasn’t there some talk of him changing the style?

    If this really is the end, it truly leaves no place for local and overseas talent on TV (outside of very short appearances on the 7PM Project), which is really unfortunate. That is unless Hey Hey can come back permanently (and not just a few specials).

  10. Not a moment too soon, I must say.

    Rove (the show) has ranged from hilarious to complete shouse over the past decade, and IMO the past 3 years have been the least funny and entertaining.

    I will tune in for the finale, however.

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