Rove quits TEN show

roveRove McManus has announced he is stepping down from his Channel TEN show.

“I’ve decided after ten years of doing the show tonight will be my last one,” he said.

“This is purely my decision. It’s not one I have made lightly or flippantly, or easily I must say. I just think the timing is right. I need to stop, take a step back and see what happens next,” he said.

“It’s something that has been sitting on my mind a little bit.  Now after ten wonderful years I think we’re at the perfect spot to be able to stop and do it on our times, while we’re still on a high and ride off into the sunset hopefully.

“I know we’ve made jokes about this on the show before.”

“If you need to email, tweet or send off a carrier pigeon to let people know…. I would love for them to be on board to be able to say goodbye before the end of it.

“It is very short notice I do realise, but I only came to the decision recently and to be honest I didn’t want a whole lot of fuss going into tonight.”

His final show is currently airing on TEN.

“I also think tonight is the perfect night for it. We’ve got the best setting possible. All our cast is here for it.”

TEN has now issued a statement which says. “The strong relationship between Roving Enterprises and TEN will continue to grow with The 7PM Project and Before The Game, both on TEN through 2010.”

TEN, which initially indicated Rove would return in 2010, had denied the show was ending including in newspaper reports this weekend. It previously indicated it was yet to make a decision on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? -absent from its latest statement.

McManus, who began his television career in community television, has had his own variety show on both Nine and TEN. He has won Gold Logies, been lauded by Jay Leno and continues to pick up accolades, last week winning two awards at the Kids’ Choice Awards. This year’s show performed well off the back of MasterChef Australia but had a trickier time following Australian Idol.

McManus this year married Tasma Walton in a surprise wedding in Western Australia.

Rove ended with its host thanking cast, crew, families, TEN and viewers with a hope to reacquaint at some time in the future.

“For the last time… say bye to your mum for me.”

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  1. It is not like there is nothing to watch now on Sundays.. GO! has Curb Your Enthusiam, South Park and Weeds.

    I think the show was getting a bit tired after so many years on tv, however I reckon they should have adopted a format similar to the Jay Leno show.

    and also I am glad there is a delay here in Perth , now I will definitely be watching it in 30 mins.

  2. I’ll really miss this show, I watched it from the very first episode on 10 and every one since for all 9 years and have also watched the dvd of the channel 9 stint. now what platform will visiting celebrities etc use to promote their new movies or projects? all that is left is the morning shows and young people don’t watch them. rove has always been very natural and genuine on tv, something that eddie mcguire and andrew o’keefe know nothing of, this quality will be missed on australian tv.

  3. Rove Mcmanus you’ve been a great entertainer and I’m really going too miss you! For the past 10 years you did a top job. I loved how you maintained yourself in tough interviews, how you made the awkward funny and the joy and laughter you brought into peoples lives! Thanks for the interviews and the good times! I’ll miss you mate! 🙂

  4. @Kubz: Maybe, maybe not. As long as Before the Game and The 7pm Project are still on the air, then he still technically has a relationship with Ten.

    Personally, I won’t be convinced until an official statement is made by Rove’s PR guys.

  5. The speculation that Rove has been snagged by a rival network has been dismissed ….

    From The Sydney Morning Herald

    Mr Mott said McManus would remain a part of the network.

    “The end of Rove on Ten does not mark the end of Rove and Ten: a relationship that spans a decade is harder than this to switch off,” he said.

  6. Nnnnoooooooo!!!
    It’s so sad, I love Rove, It was a heaps Funny show, Rove was Australia’s talk show, now what will we have that has celebrities talking about there new projects, hilarious comedy, music artists performing live.
    I do hope Rove live will be back on one day
    It was awsome

  7. Thanks Rove for hosting a great show for the past 10 years. Sunday nights won’t be the same. You are one of the nicest guys around and I hope we see you do something on tv again. I will miss Rove especially Hamish and Andy and Judith Lucy and of course Pete.

    It was a great finale tonight.

  8. worst decision ever! we can thank ten’s loser program 7pm project! we all know in the end the whether its at the end of next yr or not that ten will realise 7pm does nothing for them and should have been axed 3 weeks after it started!!!

  9. @ Dave: Interim replacement, sure, but unless he’s going to do a massive overhaul of the show, he’s just too expensive to do more than a handful of episodes.

    @Jerome: Seems like a logical move. They need a big name to anchor the show, and all the existing Seven celebrities are far too overexposed. With the recent, and not so recent financial woes that Ten has been experiencing, I’d be shocked if they could do more than offer a feeble reply in a bidding war.

    If played smart, it could be the smartest move Seven has made for a long while.

    On the plus side for Rove fans, it would also free up enough time for him to also do morning radio. It would be an intense schedule he’d be juggling, but definitely doable.

  10. Good decision. Probably best Rove made the decision rather than Ten. He’s just not funny anymore, and the show has gone downhill, so too have the ratings. I love Sam Worthington though, he’s so Aussie i love it.

  11. Wow. I moved here from the States a year ago and really enjoy(ed) watching Rove. He’s on par with Jay Leno. Good clean funny. He seems like a great guy and I wish him all the best and can’t wait for his new projects.

  12. he new it was time to pull the pin i reckon. as long as they dont put that unfunny moron they call peter helliar on a show by himself. i will be extrememly happy. rove will pop up somewhere with a new show i reckon

  13. Who wants to say that he’ll host atleast one episode of the 7pm project in the next 6 months?? I could actually see them trying Rove as a replacement for Charlie Pickering while he’s on vacation.

    One experiment I would love to see Rove McManus and Channel 10 try next year is a Live Friday night program for after the 7pm project. Run Friday’s episodes until 8pm, then go Live to a location around Australia (one week Fed Square, the next Cavil Ave on the Gold Coast) and build a program that young people would want to watch before going out/while hanging out with friend’s on a Friday night. Include Live musical acts (maybe doing multiple songs through out the show), comedy acts, celebrity interviews followed by Autograph’s plus a “It’s a Knockout” style competition through out the night with the live crowd. Use the same contestants a few times in the episode…

    Not only could you build a live crowd of around 200-500 people in one area, you would more than likely get higher ratings to a live program than to Simpsons & repeat movies.

  14. Hopefully one of the networks will start up another variety talk show and have it on a more regular basis with decent writing and actual celebrity guests.

  15. Could this be a sign that rove is moving on to nova 969 in Sydney in the morning? I mean it has been rumored around and it would explain a direct exit from the show …

    I’d personally watch a shaun micaleff (sp?) talk show though …

  16. @Vic, a network poach is a real possibility i think. can hardly imagine ten giving rove enough work to stay around.

    who knows, maybe 7 will make him The Marriage Ref?? word is that 7 is paid top dollar in a 3 way network bidding war at MIPCOM for those rights. they will be wanting the host choice to make a bit of a spash.

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