Rove quits TEN show

roveRove McManus has announced he is stepping down from his Channel TEN show.

“I’ve decided after ten years of doing the show tonight will be my last one,” he said.

“This is purely my decision. It’s not one I have made lightly or flippantly, or easily I must say. I just think the timing is right. I need to stop, take a step back and see what happens next,” he said.

“It’s something that has been sitting on my mind a little bit.  Now after ten wonderful years I think we’re at the perfect spot to be able to stop and do it on our times, while we’re still on a high and ride off into the sunset hopefully.

“I know we’ve made jokes about this on the show before.”

“If you need to email, tweet or send off a carrier pigeon to let people know…. I would love for them to be on board to be able to say goodbye before the end of it.

“It is very short notice I do realise, but I only came to the decision recently and to be honest I didn’t want a whole lot of fuss going into tonight.”

His final show is currently airing on TEN.

“I also think tonight is the perfect night for it. We’ve got the best setting possible. All our cast is here for it.”

TEN has now issued a statement which says. “The strong relationship between Roving Enterprises and TEN will continue to grow with The 7PM Project and Before The Game, both on TEN through 2010.”

TEN, which initially indicated Rove would return in 2010, had denied the show was ending including in newspaper reports this weekend. It previously indicated it was yet to make a decision on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? -absent from its latest statement.

McManus, who began his television career in community television, has had his own variety show on both Nine and TEN. He has won Gold Logies, been lauded by Jay Leno and continues to pick up accolades, last week winning two awards at the Kids’ Choice Awards. This year’s show performed well off the back of MasterChef Australia but had a trickier time following Australian Idol.

McManus this year married Tasma Walton in a surprise wedding in Western Australia.

Rove ended with its host thanking cast, crew, families, TEN and viewers with a hope to reacquaint at some time in the future.

“For the last time… say bye to your mum for me.”

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  1. A lot of people leaving comments here are saying that Hamish and Andy may be the new replacement for Rove next year.

    I hope that this is definitely not true.

    They’re not that funny.

  2. Looks like TV execs are looking at their desk calendar and going “wow a new decade” (maybe the PA did this for them but anyway) and decide to change content and lineup because it’s simply 2010.

    I think this show ran it’s course but if you’re a fan it’s bad news.

    Wonder if this leaves the door open for Hamish & Andy to get a gig or not.

  3. Thanks Rove for all the laughs over the years..Been to many tapings of his show, and they were fantastic, with Rove really making sure the audience had lots of fun during the commercial breaks.Will miss was a real shock hearing the announcement,and we can only hope you can come back with another show you compare sometime next year.
    When a show like this goes off air so many people are out of work

  4. If he targets the US market, he might be more of a success than over here.

    We can see Letterman and even Leno have been going for it for the past 25+ years…. they not only do their own jokes but have others writing for them…!! Does Rove have that here? Shawn McAuliffe (Correct Spelling?) was fantastic on the Nine network years ago…. bring him back but he’s on TEN anyways… and somewhere on SBS… Newstopia.

    Letterman and Leno probably have been going strong for so many years because of course there are more people in the US of A. More channels and Variety – but here in lil ol’ Aus…. we have a few main networks and kinda does get boring and old with the same jokes/faces on TV for so many years. Nothing really changed over the years with the segments or style of show. I do congratulate Rove on his work for the past 10 years and we can all learn and have seen someone do very well after starting off on Community TV!

  5. Wow!!! In this day and age can you imagine any other show being on the air for ten years and not having a huge hoo-haa about it being the last episode ever in a last ditch attempt to get ratings???

    I’ve never been a fan of Rove or his show. I’ve found him a medicore interviewer at best and hated his pandering to guests. He is extremely unfunny and I feel that there are so many more talented people out there who could do so much better. I understand people like him, but to me he was always boring and tried far too hard to be “cool” and “edgy”. That being said, I do see a Huge hole left by Rove, with international guests having no where to be interviewed when in town bar a morning show…

    I hope that Ten really do consider where they’ll go from here, both on Sunday nights and with talk shows generally. Let’s hope they try something new and different for both!

  6. As the show wasn’t funny, its Aus ratings were declining and Rove was always an abysmal interviewer, I’d say thanks Rove for doing Aus viewers a big favour (although I would’ve suggested Rove quit 2 or 3 years ago).

    With respect Aus music performers and overseas film, TV and music celebrities visiting the country, needing a TV show to appear on, to plug their new album – music tour and/or new film, there isn’t any reason why there can’t be (from 6.30 – 7.30 pm, or even from 6 – 7 pm, where it’d have to be called The 6PM Project), a 1 hour Sunday night version of The 7PM Project, fronted by a team who don’t do the Monday – Friday night version (like Hamish, Andy and a couple other people).

    If Rove wants to crack the US market, as he isn’t that funny, I don’t think he has what it takes, but if he wanted to have a serious crack at it, you can’t do it in a half assed way and would need to move to and base yourself in the US for at least
    5 or 6 years.

  7. Thanks for the last 10 years Rove it’s been great,even followed you on Channel 31.Was fortunate to go to his show about 4 years ago now gee it was a great night.Ashame the show could’nt go out with more of a bang,as they had to include the whole Rove team,with them doing there non funny segments.Judith Lucy,Hamish and Andy,also Pete have done a great job forget about the rest of them.It looks like Hey Hey might just be coming back the right time so we can see the overseas guests

  8. With a tear in my eye, I say Thankyou Rove for 10 awesome years. Growing up watching you has been a fun ride. You started out in Community TV, I’ve started my career in Community Radio. You are my inspiration!

    Be Good

  9. Congratulations, to Rove Mcmanus, cast and crew of the show for providing variety television on Australian screens for the past 10 years and leaving on your own terms. I think Rove can now take his place amongst the great variety hosts such as Don Lane, Graham Kennedy, Bert Newton and Daryl Somers. Thanks for the laughs Rove, and say hi to ya mum for me!

  10. KLFisgonnarocku

    such a mixed bunch of comments with the ones being about him doing radio shows or asking him to do a “before you go out show on cavill ave, gold coast” wtf?? the worst! he’ll put together something bigger than anything mentioned.

    you can tell something has happened, he seemed switched off at times tonight.

    what will the music and entertainment industries do without the publicity on rove in australia? he’s had some great guests! ;actors, writers, directors, comedians too

    sad it’s ended… shame.

  11. While I agree that Rove was better before it was on Sundays (it just doesn’t feel right), the show will be missed. Well done Rove, I have (overall) enjoyed having you in my living room. Say “Hi” to your Mum for me…

  12. Even though he says it was his decision to quit I somehow after watching him say it on tv, don’t believe it. I think he was told to quit or suggested by the network.

  13. Rove always attracted major international (and local) guests/musicians, so it’s going to leave a rather large hole in the entertainment industry. What other show has the ability to attract the big name stars? I can’t think of a single one.

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