Rumours surround 9AM with David & Kim

9am1There is speculation the axe has fallen on 9am with David and Kim.

The Australian reports that sources say the show has been axed despite no confirmation from Network TEN.

With just weeks to go before co-host David Reyne departs the show after four years, TEN has been facing big decisions.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “David announced some time ago he was leaving, and we have always said that lends itself to more changes for 2010. What those changes are we have yet to decide.”

The network neglected to include the show amongst its returning titles for 2010. When pressed by TV Tonight last month, programming chief David Mott said a decision was pending on the competitive morning slot.

“It’s like having 3 casinos in 3 shopping centres all delivering the same thing. What you need is a real point of difference there,” he said. “You’ve got male / female, female, blah blah blah… all well and good. But when you’re delivering the same message in principal and the same reason why they belong then we need to create something new,” he says.

“Where we lose out in the mornings, we gain in the afternoon, and we do. Look at the numbers.

“There is a great opportunity to come up with something new and different in that timeslot and that’s what we’re about at the moment.”

Without a lead in to match Sunrise or Today, the show has struggled to compete with The Morning Show and Mornings with Kerri-Anne.

Yesterday it took just 35,000 viewers nationally against 182,000 for The Morning Show and 89,000 for Kerri-Anne.

In a recent poll by TV Tonight readers, 29% said they didn’t care one way or the other, 26% said they wanted a decent alternative and 21% wanted the show to stay with a new partner for co-host Kim Watkins.

While The Morning Show and Mornings with Kerri-Anne Kennerley both average seven advertorials a day, each worth $1 million a year in revenue, TEN has been down to just four a show.

Co-host Kim Watkins has recently been making appearances on The 7PM Project.

Source: The Australian


  1. My husband and I were very disapointed when Kim and David disappeared from Channel 10’s 9am slot. Their in depth interviews made a pleasant change from other morning shows. They covered so many important subjects. There was also a spot of comedy with each show. Out of the two of them I think Kim was the better presenter. It showed in the segment that was done on the rescued orangatans. Whatever is happening to these animals? The Circle is not a patch on the show. It is a pale copy of the View. Even that is not always anygood. We are both in our early 60’s and don’t mind a lot of the more modern shows, but Kerri Anne’s and The morning show on 7 do not appeal.

  2. If needed to be axed for various reasons then thats the channels porocative But who decided on the Circle, I gave it a chance and it is terrible, so I will be another one to change channels as this show is unproffesional I don’t want to hear about nits and toilet humour. Channel 10 made a poor choice

  3. just got back from europe….getting ready for work that first day was hard enough…well I couldn’t believe it no more !….David and Kim were a fab mix… many times I was late for work because I didn’t want to miss the show….they were sincere,dry and genuine….none of this fake boom boom humour ( razzamataz )you get on the other networks…..anyway….these days I am always on time for work…nothing to make me late…kak is so boring and makes the show about her and not her possibly interesting guests….K & D made their guests the focus…hope 10 rethink their programs

  4. Jorinda Hart

    I am very sorry that this show is no more – I thought it was just in recess for the Olympics. Denise was great …….. in her time………. with Ernie. David and Kim were great. I miss them – KAK is so annoying and Larry or whoever do not appeal at all – too contrived. Such a pity. SUch a pity.

  5. I am in agreement with “Think”. Apart from the telemarketing which seems to be “necessary” to pay for all three morning programs. Mornings with Kim and David did have the most informative and intelligent discussions to offer. And some fun with cooking segments. I was under the false impression, that the “break” was only due to olympics on channel 9.
    Delighted to see Denise Drysdale back on deck, however, The Circle is not a patch on “Mornings” And parts of it have become “toilet” smutty talk. At this point I would rather watch a DVD or re-runs of Jeannie on the GO channel – to distract me while packing to move house.
    Brenton’s Lunch with Kim is also a good idea. How about Dr Phil at 10am for a bit of competition?

  6. I started to warm to The Circle (Aussie Grown)
    Untill they started talking about nits in a cooking segment and Male Hairs on toilet seats and dicussing tampons with a male guest
    As my mother would say “Gutter Talk”

    I am going to switch over to KK

  7. Sad to see Dave and Kim go. And i wont be watching the Circle….Honestly they are pathetic. Not pleasent to look at or listen to.They must of been cheap to hire lol.You couldn`t have picked more unattractive people. Yuk…Thats the reason i wont watch sunrise…,

  8. Hello and about the Networks today ! news repetitive Like a Broken Record say no more .
    It must be hard in our world today .
    But CEOs think again and managers wouldn’t hurt also . Time is now !


  9. I’m really sorry to see 9am go. They actually seemed to have interviews and stories about things that mattered not just celebrity trash. David and Kim seemed to be very genuine people and worked well together. I understand David resigned…..but what has happened to Kim?

  10. sorry to see that kim and david have been axed i know that david did not renew his contract but was hoping that kim would get a new partner i will not watch the new programe again as it is rubbish denise is old hat and the other three i have no clue who they are looks like my house work will be done earlier and will have time to go out shopping as tv is realy only showing trash and commercials i feel sorry for the poor people who are old and disabled and have only the tv for company

  11. The replacement show, The Circle, has so far failed to capture my attention at all. So much so, that I decided to go online to find out what happened with 9am (and especially to Kim Watkins).
    The Cirlce is another poor attempt to copy The View. But apart from the annoying Denise, who are these other women? And please tell me why I would want to listen to them, unable to looked relaxed and genuine. At least David & Kim always had that! Channel 9… Big mistake. Just get a damn show with no advertorials, and we will tune in by the bucket load. I would flick between the 3 channels most of the time, the one not currently on an advertorial, would get my time!!

  12. what a shame. david and kim is finished. i actually enjoyed that show. when the infomercials came on, i did a bit of house work and came back when the show resumed. the hosts had a good chemistry, were funny and entertaining. The were genuine as opposed to the hosts of the new show.I tuned into the circle today. what an awful group of ingenuine shallow twits trying to outdo each other. I wont be wasting my time tuning in to this tripe. Denise Drysdale! yuck

  13. 9am is the most informative and educational morning show. Their interviews are indepth and the subjects and topics are insightful. Kim and David ask questions, of their often interesting guests, that are challenging and thought provoking. I feel that they do a wonderful job of getting the best out of their guests. They often have people on that range from the “average person to celebrity and professionals”.

    They bring a an genuine humour, honesty and openness to their show, which can raise the awareness and educate their viewers. I am grateful for their sincerity in bringing issues to the public that are often trivialized by other morning show presenters. For example many different mental and physical disabilities and illness’ eg Depression, cancer. When “they” interview guests we find out who they are and how they deal with their illness’. indepth interviews of substance. Not trivia just to fill up space between the presenters fake smiles and infomercials. Like on KAK (where the presenter is so fake), is dumb as d_g sh_t and the Ch.7 fake plastic insincerity aimed at the western suburbs to gain ratings by pretending they care and are one of them. Which they obviously aren’t.

    To lose 9am would be such a shame as their is no other program with their endearing qualities. Foibles and all. Real down to Earth People like you and me. Who want to save endangered species the Orangutans and their rain forests by bringing our awareness to the destruction caused by the use and farming of Palm Oil. And how it is carelessly put in to food as vegetable oil But bad for the heart. Don’t eat food like KFC if you care about the Orangutans. Rad the lables. Make informed choices.

  14. I only watch the David and Kim show. They actually listen to the people they interview without cutting them off in mid sentence, unlike channel 7’s morning show who’s seems only interested in their own comments. Why bother doing
    interviews. Also I feel David and Kim have a nice lay back approach and very
    interesting quests. So sorry to see it go.

  15. They could just use Kim for newsreading duties as this is what she did on Nine. With those terrible ratings 9AM will surely be axed which is a shame because of all the shows in its timeslot it’s definitely the most informative with more interviews and intersting topics being discussed.

  16. morning shows are over the top they are over aired, if they had a lifestlye show like the 10am project, they’d probably get more viewers. I am sick of watching paid advertising on these morning shows, it sickens me the lies the networks let these advertisers get away with.

  17. Welcome to the “Middle of the Road”.

    These two hacks have been given every chance under the sun, they have no spark, no chemistry, no genuine talent and no reason to front a TV screen. They are bland, the program is a monumental step backwards since Bert left the “GMA” project. A show that can make KAK look entertaining and modern is screaming to be put down!

    Kochie irks people but he at least resonates, you either like him or you don’t. These two could disappear tomorrow and no one would even bat an eye lid. This show fell out of 1985 and no one bothered to wake up Watkins and Reyne and let them now we’ve hit the 21st Century.

    I would love to meet a real life human being that finds these two enjoyable or interesting. Don’t get me wrong, Sunrise irritates people, Kochie and Mel rub people the wrong way… but again, at least they rub… these two look genuinely uncomfortable and bored.

    Yuck. Watkins is a waste, from her forced presenting on Beyond Tomorrow to this, she’s well and truly run her course in this industry. As for Reyne, he expired many moons ago, both need to be taken out back and put to rest.

    Utterly awkward and bland television.

  18. It is not so much the hosts or the lead in programmes that remain the problem for Morning Shows.
    The Thing is Night Job Workers,The Retired and Housewives aside who is ever home to watch them.Most of us between the ages of 13 and 70 are actually at school or work

  19. @craig. idol should be axed because it is dead. why doesnt 10 axe it already.. if they are going to axe 1 show that is struggling. why dont they axe the show’s that are needed too be axed. like 7pm project and idol.

  20. Home and Away the Early Years at 9.30am on 7TWO gets around 18 – 20,000. When you have a show on a digital channel doing over half of one on a main channel then you really got to start thinking that the audience must be screaming for alternatives – and that is exactly what Ten should do. Break away from having a morning show and put on alternative programming. They have plenty of sitcoms they could air then. Even Neighbours the early years (I know, not original) would attract more viewers.

  21. Bring back Good Morning Australia, but it’s pretty much the same format as the other morning shows.

    I know that advertorials make Channel Ten (and the other stations) lots of money, but i would get rid of them for 2010 for the new ‘9am’ show (or for what-ever it’s replacing it). Now that will be different

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