Sam Who, The Unit, Shark on 7TWO

If you hadn't noticed it in the guides, three more shows are added to 7TWO next week.

swIf you hadn’t noticed it in the guides, three more shows are added to 7TWO next week: Samantha Who, The Unit and Shark.

Samantha Who is in repeats, beginning with its pilot episode at 7:30pm Monday November 9th.

The Unit returns with new eps,  “Misled & Misguided” S4E10 from 8:30pm Tuesday November 10th, with Reaper locking in to 9:30pm (it was a double this week).

Shark is also back with new eps, beginning with a double, “Gangster Movies / For Whom the Skel Rolls”  S2E1/ E2 at 10pm Thursday November 12th.

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  1. thanks xav, good to hear we saw the same thing as america, I was hoping that because this is only a digital channel 7 would be more inclined to leave episodes alone, coming weeks will tell. It has been annoying in the past how they cut out the episode title because to do that they have to cut out part of the show.

  2. With Sam Who starting from the beginning again, looks like it will be some time before I get to the new episodes.

    Got a headstart on The Unit as I already seen the first two new episodes yet to air on 7TWO.

    Seeing Shark season 2 on W so probably finished the series there than on 7TWO.

  3. As a Prime viewer, I feel like a kid looking into a candy store but without any money in my pockets. I get to look and drool at what is so close yet so far away. Meanwhile, these other city kids are free to wander in and take what they please.

    As the songs goes…
    Television, Drug of a nation.
    ….and I want my fix:)

  4. I quite enjoyed Shark back when it was “on Broadway”… due to the way 7 screwed around with it’s original scheduling way back when, it would have been nice if 7two re-started it from the pilot so we could refresh our memories…

  5. @Elizabeth – Samantha Who will be repeats initially, but I don’t think Channel Seven showed all episodes and seasons of the show. So in a month or two we will eventually see “newer, unseen episodes”.

  6. @bindi – yes, craig is right. Heroes in the US premiered Season 4 as a double episode, and fans over there noted that the name of the second ep “Jump/Push/Fall” didn’t appear. Also, you probably missed the credits at the bottom left at the beginning where it said Part 1 directed by.. Part 2 directed by.. etc., so they intended to make it one movie-length episode. Channel 7 have done the two eps in one with tampering before and it’ll be interesting if the double eps of Heroes in future weeks does this, though as craig says, the DVD can cover all! On topic, it looks like 7TWO is a work in progress and if new shows are added constantly, they may see a increase, like what happened to GO! which made its Sundays so strong. Interesing to see which day 7TWO is strongest.

  7. i have only watched that 70s show, but from what i’ve seen 7two is the worst out of all the networks at starting on time, on the 7two website it says 70s show starts at 7, but on the epg it says 7:05 but still doesn’t start till about 7:10 and today i turned to 7two at 6:55 and the ep had already started!

  8. This cahnnel sounds awesome. I have to get it. It sounds like all my favourites are on it. Ugly Betty, Commander in Chief, The Mole, What About Brian and Samantha Who and not to mention the old episodes of Home and Away.

  9. @bindi – Heroes this season did have ep 1 & 2 as a double ep, no credits for the first eps from the copy I saw…

    IMO it doesn’t matter a lot of the time as long as no content is cut, besides you can always catch the DVD in less than a year.

  10. I wish 7 would stop monkeying with the double episodes, with heroes 7 have deliberately taken the credits away from the first episode and taken away the opening heroes logo thing and edited out the appearance of the episode name in the second episode. because of this I can’t tell where episode 1 ended and episode 2 began. Perhaps it was like this in america too as I know it aired as a double there too, but in the past 7 have strung together 2 episodes that were not a double in america and done this, does anyone know if america did this too or let the 2 episodes have a little separation? they did the same thing to stargate atlantis, removed the end credits from ep1 and the opening titles from ep2, thankfully they didn’t edit out the episode title in stargate. I wish they would stop this, I know it is a double episode and I will keep watching even if they do allow the credits to appear and reveal there are two distinct episodes, why do they think no one will keep watching if they don’t tamper with episodes.

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