Second season for Tangle

It's official. Showtime has commissioned a second season of its acclaimed Australian drama with Justine Clarke, Matt Day and Kat Stewart. Minor spoiler.

katsIt’s official.

Showtime has commissioned a second season of Tangle, the acclaimed Australian drama about two generations of families in suburban Melbourne.

Minor Spoiler: Justine Clarke, Catherine McClements, Joel Tobeck, Matt Day and Kat Stewart are all returning. Due to the plotline nature of the season cliffhanger, so far there is no confirmation on a return by actor Ben Mendelsohn.

As revealed by TV Tonight, Don Hany (East West 101, Dirt Game, Underbelly) is also joining the cast.

The second season has been written by original writers Fiona Seres (Love My Way, Dangerous, The Surgeon), Tony McNamara (Love My Way, Secret Life of Us) joined by Judi McCrossin (Secret Life of Us, The Surgeon) – with Stuart McDonald (Tangle Season One, Secret Life of Us, Summer Heights High, SeaChange) and Emma Freeman (Hawke, Love My Way) directing. John Edwards and Imogen Banks will again produce.

Showtime CEO Peter Rose said, “On the strength of the quality of production of the first season of Tangle, we are thrilled to be bringing a second season of this outstanding and groundbreaking drama to the screen.

“The second series of Tangle lets us explore the twists and turns of love and loss of love within and between the families. It’s a great joy to make” said producer John Edwards.

With significant investment from Austar, the series will begin shooting on February 1st.

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  1. Sonia I was just saying that myself a season 4 of love
    my way would be amazing are you watching season 2 again at the moment ?? Anyway the July foxtel book has an article on
    the season 2 of tangle and it sounds like it’s going to be a beauty !!!

  2. awesome cant wait for season 2 watched every episode and watch loved my way wish there was a season 4 of love my way awesome awesome awesome
    u guys rock for making such amazing drama where it can relate to real life issues love it
    sonia rowville

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