Seven summer update

Seven fills in their TBAs with Air Crash Investigations, Outback Wildlife Rescue, Kingdom, Wallander, repeats of Bones, Castle and more.

Kingdom-Stephen-FrySeven has updated its first week of summer programming, filling in several TBAs and shuffling a few shows around.

New titles include Stephen Fry in Kingdom as a kindly solicitor who devotes his career to representing the oddball people in the Norfolk town of Market Shipborough, England. Kenneth Brannagh stars as Inspector Kurt Wallander, a brilliant detective who takes each murder case he works on personally and will stop at nothing in his search for the truth. The Take is a UK drama set in the criminal underworld of the East End of London and spans ten years of life in the notorious Jackson family.

Today Tonight reporter Tim Noonan has a special on street racers, graffiti gangs, street thugs and juvenile detention centres.

Returning are new eps of Border Patrol, Outback Wildlife Rescue, Air Crash Investigations.

Continuing are new Destroyed in Seconds, Private Practice, The Amazing Race -the latter shifts to Tuesdays.

In repeats are The Force, Bones and Castle. FlashForward has one new episode.

Both Gary Unmarried and 8:00pm Whacked Out Sports, deleted some days ago, are in schedule but have switched nights from their initial plans.

Sun Nov 29
6:30pm Today Tonight Special: 24 hours in 60 Minutes
7:30pm Border Patrol
8:00pm Outback Wildlife Rescue
8:30pm Bones rpt
9:30pm Castle rpt
10:30pm Band of Brothers

Mon Nov 30
5:00pm Come Dine with Me
5:30pm Deal or No Deal rpt
6:00pm Seven News
6:30pm Today Tonight
7:00pm How I Met Your Mother rpt
7:30pm The Force rpt
8:00pm Destroyed in Seconds
8:30pm FlashForward final
9:30pm Movie: Signs rpt
11:35pm It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Tue Dec 1
7:30pm Gary Unmarried 2 eps
8:30pm Private Practice
9:30pm The Amazing Race
10:30pm 30 Rock rpt
11:00pm Parks and Recreation
11:30pm It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Wed Dec 2
7:30pm Air Crash Investigations
8:30pm City Homicide rpt
9:30pm The Take
10:30pm Band of Brothers
11:30pm The First 48

Thu Dec 3
7:30pm Gary Unmarried
8:00pm Whacked Out Sports
8:30pm Movie: Cinderella Man
11:30pm Louis Theroux

Fri Dec 4
7:30pm Better Homes and Gardens Summer rpt
8:30pm Movie: The Santa Clause rpt
10:30pm Movie: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy rpt

Sat Dec 5
6:30pm No Leave, No Life
7:00pm Borderline
7:30pm Kingdom
8:30pm Wallander
10:30pm Movie: Road to Perdition rpt

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  1. It’s kind-of funny how they pair Bones and Castle (I’m sure many have commented on this before me)… the male leads of both shows are ex leads of Joss Whedon series’ (Angel and Firefly).

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