Shaun Micallef to Rave in New Year’s Eve

raveAnd here is a sneaky glimpse of the set on which host Shaun Micallef will welcome in 2010.

TV Tonight understands TEN will screen the variety special on New Year’s Eve.

Recorded last week at the ABC’s Ripponlea Studios, some of the guest list includes Tony Martin, John Safran, Lawrence Leung, Vanessa Amorosi, Charlie Pickering, Patti Newton, Brad McEwen, and cast members from Neighbours, Rush and more.

With more than a passing nod to Micallef’s former Tonight-style shows, it even includes previous Micallef-signatures, the High Horse and Milo.

With all the calls for variety to return, could TEN let Micallef loose on a new version of his former Tonight shows?

Set in ‘Micallef’s house,’ the special is directed by renowned comedy director Ted Emery.


  1. Shaun Micallef should definitely come back with his own tonight show. There is room for Hey Hey It’s Saturday (a family show) and Micallef Tonight (a more adult audience). There needs to be more and more variety on television. What is it with all these crime shows?

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