Short Stack, Cassie Davis, KRudd for ABC3 launch

PM Kevin Rudd will be joined by our rising musical stars as part of the official launch for ABC3 on Friday December 4th.

abcthreePM Kevin Rudd, Short Stack and Casie Davis will all be part of the official launch for ABC3 on Friday December 4th.

ABC3’s Kayne Tremills and Amberley Lobo will host Countdown to 3 at 5pm on ABC1 before a live studio audience.

The cast of ABC3’s Dance Academy will perform, and there are appearances from CJ the DJ, Scotty Tweedie from Prank Patrol, Hex from Good Game SP, and Hannah Wang from Rush TV.

It will end when the PM “flicks the switch” at 6pm as the channel begins to broadcast.

The first show on ABC3 will be Prank Patrol at 6pm in which host Scotty Tweedie meets a new prankster each episode who is on a mission to prank someone they know.

It will be followed by:
6:30pm CJ The DJ
6:55 News On 3
7:05 Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab
7:35 Jeopardy
8:00 My Place
8:30 Heartbreak High

The feature attraction in the opening night line-up is My Place, based on the award winning book by Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins, depicting several generations of children who live in the very same spot over the course of 130 years.

The first episode “2008 – Laura” features Maddie Madden as 10yo ‘Laura’ who borrows a tinnie to muck about in the canal. It sinks, taking with it the ashes of its owner’s beloved dog. She can’t find a way to own up and say sorry. It’s 2008 and the Prime Minister is trying to do the same thing with her mob.

The adult cast in the series features Susie Porter, Dan Wyllie, Sacha Horler, Russell Dykstra, Leah Purcell and Dan Spielman plus plenty of notable actors in guest roles.

ABC3 will air from 6am – 9pm daily.

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  1. Eek! How exciting! Shortstack is playing!
    I adore their music! They have the best lyrics and all the guys play it amazingly!
    Thanks so so much for being alive Short Stack

  2. Not really jumping for joy. We loose out music stuff on a Sunday on ABC2 because of this stupid kids channel. Kids channels across ABC 1-2 & 3.. Wow how multi channeling that is. I really am bit lost for thought why on earth they had to extend the kids programming on weekends? 6am to 6pm, bloody hell! I thought the whole point was to get kids away from the TV during summer 🙂

  3. ABC For Kids On 2 will also launch the same day at 9am, running until 6pm seven days a week, starting earlier on weekends (6am). In The Night Garden will be the last show every day at 5:30pm, similar to BBC.

    Also, are we to rescan for channels, or will LCN 23 just start breakaway programming at 6pm like the HD channels used to?

  4. Sounds like a pointless launch event, just more publicity for Kevin Rudd.

    The Australian content looks terrible judging by the previews on ABC’s web site, and they are even launching with repeats (Heartbreak High / Jeopardy).

    Why not at least show case the new content that will be shown on the ABC3? although it doesn’t look like there will be anything much worth watching, judging by first two weeks schedule.

  5. I just don’t get why the network goes off the air at 9pm. It’s aimed at 5-16 year olds I think. They often stay up later than 9pm. Even if they just repeated the 6pm-9pm shows again at 9pm till midnight, that would make more sense.

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