Survivor: Tocantins update

ssSurvivor: Tocantins, currently airing on Tuesdays and Fridays on GO! will see its finale air on Tuesday December 1st.

It airs in a two hour 8:30pm finale followed by the 1 hr reunion.

This is a change from the previous plan to conclude on Friday November 27th. Tuesdays, feel like a better fit for the show after all…

But the switch creates a highly unusual -dare we say bizarro- situation (and frankly only something that could come out of Nine)….

Survivor: Samoa will now start on Nine before Survivor: Tocantins concludes on GO!


The season in Samoa is set to begin 7:30pm Tuesday December 1st on Nine, one hour before the Tocantins final episodes end on GO! While it makes very little logic, there shouldn’t be any spoilers in Samoa that ruin the Tocantins wrap.

Tues Dec 1
7:30pm Survivor: Samoa premiere Nine

8:30pm Survivor: Tocantins 2 hr finale GO!
10:30pm Survivor: Tocantins reunion.

We’re all gonna need a Bex and a lie down after that one.


  1. Out here in the woop-woops of WA where all the second-class citizens live, we don’t get any digital channels nor Freeview. At the rate things are going analog TV will be switched off before we can receive digital broadcasts. We have to put up with WIN’s pathetic programming, which currently includes the tail end of Survivor Gabon at 10.30pm. I don’t think there is any chance of Survivor Samoa being on before February or March, unless WIN decides nobody wants to watch Tocantins and skips straight to Samoa.

  2. Thanks so much for your constant updates on the Survivor series.
    I was ready to watch the Finale of Tocatins (?) tonite, according to my weekly program guide, now at least I know I should not bother to switch to GO at 8.30.
    And yes, I ‘slightly’ agree with some of you here – double eps twice a week is a bit of an overload.

  3. Once again thanks to David for the attention he has paid to Go’s scheduling of “Survivor Tocantins”.
    Thanks Mate.
    Who I wonder is the idiot @ Nine & GO who have allowed the ridiculous scheduling we have had to put up with during the broadcasting of “Survivor Tocantin”.
    Let’s hope Nine read the comments on this page.
    Just a little aside. Wasn’t Coach the greatest asset to this series. He allowed no boredome to decend on us Survivornauts. 🙂

  4. i am lovin tocantins. ha. what a name. who is this coach dude? what a wanker. probably all shite that he’s been down the amazon, captured and tortured by the locals. geez. what an imagination. the only thing he’s good for is a laugh and that’s at him. what a tosser

  5. I’m not down with Survivor Toast n Cheese and sick to death of the promos. Mute button pushed fast cause its on every GO break. Go has serious Survivor over load

  6. 5 is a ridiculous amount of episodes per week. I think 2 was just right. Im struggling to find the time for all 5, so they’re sitting on tape at the moment.

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