TEN chasing Matthew Johns

Now TEN is said to have joined a bidding war for Matthew Johns, which almost guarantes his return to TV in 2010 one way or the other.

mjhChannel TEN is said to be chasing Matthew Johns, on top of Channel Seven’s interest, according to a report today.

David Mott and Nick Falloon from TEN reportedly approached Johns late last week to front a league-based program and to have a light entertainment role with the station.

It follows earlier reports that Johns is hawking several projects, including a comedy vehicle, to Seven. That network is said to be keen on him with a view to bidding for future NRL rights.

A join production company between John Singleton and Johns was announced last month.

According to News Limited, TEN is ‘anxious’ to establish a new variety show after seeing the Hey Hey It’s Saturday reunions.

If true, such interest could add fuel to speculation that TEN wanted Rove to make changes to the format that the host wasn’t keen to pursue.

But is Johns really the answer to the question of variety? TEN already has Shaun Micallef on its cards (a New Year’s Eve Rave is coming) and the ever-popular Hamish and Andy -but try getting them to do anything other than what they are already up to.

Source: news.com.au

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  1. I may as well be a lone voice here, but of all the former footy players to take to our screens I think Matthew is a very decent host, and has impressive comedic skills (whether they be to your taste or not).

    That said I certainly don’t condone his actions, I think Nine did the only thing they could by standing him down, and I really don’t know how the public at large will react to him being back on screens, especially in a non-footy role.

  2. Oh please – the man has managed to get away with being responsible for bad television for years. Don’t give him the opportunity to return to our screens with more purile rubbish. Ugh! What a joke.

  3. Neon Kitten says:
    November 29, 2009 at 6:43 am
    I wish I was a bogan, so I could have a TV career too.

    I wish i was a bogan so I could enjoy TV again. Programs today are aimed at people with a 3 sec memory – same ole same ole.

  4. Micallef. Yes. Matt Johns. To paraphrase Phil Gould, No. No. No. No. No.

    There’s so much talent out there, and as much as I think this is a beat up by his camp to push up his asking price, it just shows that you can have your name dragged through the manure and still come up smelling like roses.

  5. l am not a fan of mathew johns, kyle sandilands,clare werebilof, but it seems the low lifes get rewarded for being that, low lifes the media turns there life inside out with all sorts of storys and some spin doctor accusations which we read & view because we really dont have a choice, as the media bombards us with there antics 24 hours a day, finally the t.v. networks pick up the pieces and give them highly paid jobs , is this not complete madness

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