TEN’s big finale week

hamishandandyTEN has lined up a big week for the final week of ratings (no doubt it isn’t alone).

In the week of November 22nd it promises:

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation Xmas Special
Australian Idol finale
Hamish & Andy Xmas Special
Celebrity MasterChef (Tuesday 7:30pm)
and Celebrity MasterChef finale

Official ratings end November 28th.


  1. tasmanian devil

    Well they’re not really Christmas specials if they’re in November. Great if there’s a new episode of Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation, but a bit silly to label it Xmas (ditto for Hamish and Andy). Either have the Christmas special at Christmas, or don’t call it a Christmas special at all.

  2. Given how pathetic this seaosn of Idol has rated, I don’t think it’s building towards a very big finale. I’m thinking 1.2m max! Ten will probably get beaten in all demos for the night too.

  3. I think it is interesting that in other countries such as the UK Christmas Night is one of the highest rating nights of the year, when the networks bring out the biggest of the big guns. In the past the BBC have had their Doctor Who specials and ITV have had special episodes of Coronation Street.

    It intrigues me that something similar is not tried in this country given the majority of people are home on Christmas night and have settled down after their day of turkey and presents. I am sure if Seven tried a Packed to the Rafters special on Chrismas night it would be the kind of event television that people so strongly pursue. Nine might even have time to pull together another Hey Hey special for that night.

    • Scott yes it’s certainly a British tradition. But I think the chilly weather helps more in the UK. I dare say we are a lot more mobile nation on that day, and potentially enjoying Xmas outdoors.

  4. @ozinoz: all six celebrities will compete in the first semi-final next Wednesday, first as individuals in the mystery box challenge, then in three groups of two in the pressure test.

  5. as Idol barely makes the million mark each week what do people think it will rate during its finale… and @bette streep… totally with you on hamish and andy (except the gun bit !!)

  6. Johnson says: November 5, 2009 at 8:30 am. That would be interesting to see, seeing as there were only 6 semi-finalists. It will be 2 semi finals with one winner from each, followed by a 1 on 1 final.


  7. Ugh! I’ll skip the Hamish and Andy special thank you very much.

    I’ll only watch it if someone puts a gun to my head!

    Overrated and unfunny!

  8. Two Christmas specials over a month in advance?

    I know Ten are desperate for ratings and all, but jeez… this defeats the purpose of even having an Xmas special at all. -.-

  9. only 2 of those dhow will be ratings winners and they will be hamish and andy”s xmas special and talking tbyg xmas special. absolutely no doubt about it

  10. this does not seem all that entertaining. I think the only special thing really is Hamish and Andy. I hate masterchef, I hate Generation and i hate idol.

  11. So I assume that there will be three semi-finals for Celebrity MasterChef (it starts next week) with one celebrity eliminated in each of the 3 semis, until there are 3 left for the finale.

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