The 11pm Project

The 7PM Project is about to get a late night replay over summer.

7pmAnother new plan for The 7PM Project after TEN has announced the show will now have a late night timeslot over summer.

From November 30th it will screen at both 7pm and again at 11:15pm or slightly later, to follow the TEN Late News.

As previously reported, on Mondays and Fridays it will also be a one hour show.

TEN is very keen to do what it can to have the show tested by new eyeballs. Last year it programmed Out of the Blue in late nights, conscious that viewers’ schedules are changing with holidays and weather.

This now bumps some programmes to later including repeats of Medium, Criminal Intent, Numb3rs and The Late Show with David Letterman (the latter now starting as late as 1:30am Saturday morns).

But TEN should really be rolling straight out of TEN Late News, The 7PM Project into Letterman. Why do we need to see replays of US dramas when the network can segue from one chat format into another?

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  1. They should have never introduced Sports Tonight in the first place.

    Why not between News and Letterman go find some old british comedies and use that to fill the gap.something light to end the day with.

    Even Benny Hill no matter how old the show is would be more preferable than hearing about the day in sports.

  2. If and when Ten gets sold off and Ten launch a 2nd channel, they can slot Letterman at a 9.30 – 10.30 pm timeslot (while still showing it later on the standard channel), for viewers who want to see it at a stable and earlier timeslot.

  3. Meh, Im still convinced 7PM will fail next year as well.. no matter what TEN do with it. Its a shame because its actually quite enjoyable but Hughsey/Charlie annoy me which is the reason as to why I stopped watching. Charlies humor annoys me so much!

  4. Can I Blog and Ten listen about how much I hate nights when Letterman is late? The best thing that happened when Ten took on the show was that it had a regular time slot, and now it’s all over the place. Please just put it on after the news. Chuck 7pm on after that is you must.

  5. As long as they get rid of Dave Hughes the show has the potential to improve. The other night they were chatting to a woman about the apology to people abused in state care, going well and then Dave Hughes asks a question “so you want compensation yeah?” Sure a valid question but theres a way to do it. He’s hopeless on this show.

  6. ten was so good [usually] with showling letterman until recently……gradually doing to letterman what 9 did…just edging it on later and later……makes me sad – more stuff for the pvr

  7. That’s It TEN! You just can’t keep Letterman in one spot. That 7PM Project has to go I don’t want a 7pm and 11pm project. It will be like 7eleven every night! Could they learn from The spearman experiment or can Rove say it’s an enterprise I didn’t see failing, so I will pull the pin! I can’ believe your summer, It sounds too off putting, apart from the Simpsons. Also Why did you intend to skip a whole season of the Simpsons. If I’m right it was 11/12. Who gives a stuff if it just got released. And also could you show episodes from seasons 1-5! Why did you cut them!

  8. We Pray that the 7pm Does Not Fail.could you imagine anything worse than having to go back to old Seinfeld Episodes to follow Neighbours or Gasp Horror They decide to Move Bold and the Beautiful to that hour and give the 4:30pm timeslot back to Childrens Television like it used to be.

  9. I agree. Ten should continue to show Letterman at a decent time aka before midnight like that said by others and such as that proposed by David in the article. C’mon Ten, at least put the drama repeats on After Letterman!

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