Today picks new weather presenter

wtoday24yo Triple M sales rep Felicity Whelan from Melbourne has been announced as the new weather presenter for the Weekend Today show.

Whelan presented her first bulletin yesterday following a nationwide competition of 6000 applicants. She defeated Sydney’s Paul Guerin, 36 and Chantel Ferguson, 30 and Melbournite’s Guy Lumsden, 41.

She lands a six month contract with Nine.

Weekend Today is excited to welcome Felicity onboard as our newest team member. Her energy and natural charm made her a standout candidate from the start and our viewers agreed,” producer Kerri Elstub said.

Today should be glad it got her first, given Nine News Melbourne has also been scouting for a new presenter with Livinia Nixon on maternity leave since Friday.

Today co-host Cameron Williams said, “Felicity has a great presence on camera, she’s very outgoing, and she has a friendly nature. She can also start off by knowing that she’s already proven herself by beating thousands of contenders in a pretty tough competition.”

Meanwhile the Sunday Telegraph reports Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross will take up a gig as Entertainment reporter on Today when Richard Wilkins takes over presenting from Karl Stefanovic this summer.


  1. Are you cereal

    Yes we have a winner…felicity Whelan has over taken Fi Fye Fo Fum box as the most atrocious weather “girl” on tv. Not only does she have absolutely no ad lib skills as previously pointed out but the constant fidgeting and nervous jutting about while stammering and stuttering, can’t they take her aside for a week and teach her to stand still and talk, how hard is it to read the freekin weather!

  2. Seems to be a current trend, go work at Austereo, just like Fiona Box did” (The Shebang) on the Fox, now on MMM…. you’ll get a gig doing weather””” But you must have Natural Charm??
    Wow”” is that the best out of 1000’s of entries? Felicity” completely missed Canberra and Tassie twice this morning… No preparation, ad lib skills non existent etc etc.?? I thought maybe Paul might be in with a chance but only to find out that he works at Aust Zoo and is a regular on ABC’s Bindi.. Just like Top Gear (quote) an average Aussie A GO! Not quite, while I’m at it, what experience has Ricki Lee got for NOVA? Yet another failing Singer stealing a job from some sucker going to Radio School..The clock turns..It makes me wonder??????? Now its the Livi, Fifi, and Feli show!! Fresh faces Please…

  3. whinge whinge whinge whinge……… geez….. just take a listen to yourselves…..

    If you don’t like the show, why open the topic about it?

    For my 2 cents however….. give me an inexperienced no-body over FluffyBox any time…..Fifi is seriously the human equivalent of finger nails down a blackboard.

  4. i tought they were finally bringing in a new weather reporter for the weekday show. so they can finally rid steve jacobs from tv. he’s been on our tv screens too long now

  5. The weekend today show is so lame. Such a lack of spark between leila and cameron.
    It just feels so forced. Its obvious she has the gig only because of who her hubby is…..
    It’s the polar opposite to the sunrise on sunday mornings.
    Looking forward to rosso being on the show….

  6. I remember when the guy Jules Lund (I think that’s him) stood in for Dickie earlier this year and did not look impressed at all about having to present with Richard Reid. Very funny.

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