1. @Ooh Me Plums! (great user name!!) – SBS should do dual audio streams for Eurovision, giving viewers a choice of the UK or Australian commentary. It wouldn’t be hard, surely, and everyone would be happy.

    @John W: not harsh at all. SBS decided they want to play the commercial network game, interrupting programs with ads, endless “brought to you by” promos, etc etc. Why on earth would the government feel sorry enough for a commercial channel that can’t rake in enough money from ads that they should hand out money to them? Why would they, when SBS has already proven its willingness to waste a great big chunk of the money they do have on a car show clone that nobody asked for and very few want to see?

    Sorry, but the Brown regime at SBS is to blame. To paraphrase Radiohead, they did it to themselves, they did. And that’s what really hurts.

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