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V1Nearly two weeks ago Nine programmer Michael Healy told TV Tonight Nine had dropped promos for the sci-fi miniseries V, which had begun after a moment when the network was “considering our options.”

The series is not planned to run until the ratings season in 2010, possibly as late as March.

Last night a promo ran during The Apprentice Australia, without any indication of 2010, or even “Coming Soon.”

It’s one thing to get people excited about upcoming product, it’s another to run promotions so far out from an airdate as to be downright unfair.

Seven ran promos for FlashForward as far back as June for a September launch, and we all know how that turned out.

Nine’s V plugs look like breaking that record.

UPDATE: Nine has advised the promo was a mistake from Presentation department.


  1. Nine have done it before. I can’t remember what show it was but around June/July/August they started to advertise a show coming soon and the ads kept appearing all the way to december.

    The actual show didn’t start until Feb/March in the New Year.

    It might’ve been a CSI but don’t quote me on that.

    Simply put it was ridiculous.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a bit of Forward Sizzle but, for a Sci-Fi show that you’re probably going to drop from the schedule and that is already being downloaded upon US screenings anyway…

    Why bother?

  3. I’m doing my best to forget that nine is run by a bunch if former rugby monkeys… And then they go and do shit like this. There’s nothing wrong with an early pre-promote – the mistake here is the monumental delay between the oz premiere and the original airfare in the states. Do they think it’s still 1989? Everyone I know has the Internet. Why they resist saving themselves with fast-tracked episodes is beyond me – we’ve seen it done same day w survivor so we know it is possible.

    Wake up TCN, for your own sake.

  4. From what I’ve seen from the “Coming Soon” promo WIN is still running, the all-new CGI “V2” is too far-fetched. The original was excellent and is available on DVD at my local library (for free) and from local Blockbuster.
    “long span” – the new buzz-word in promotions. It’s ridiculous and oversells the program. Look at the demise of Flash Forward. #12 last night.
    Michael H – the left hand still not telling the right hand what’s happening?
    @Mulder – Totally agree. More egg on the face when the “long span” advertising is all wasted.
    How many hours did WIN spend plugging “Pushing Up Daisies”? and…?

  5. i don’t think there is anything wrong with long span advertising. it only does the show justice. did well for flash forward. i think it should be done a lot more.

    7 should start promoting The Pacific now for March/April. 7two should start airing ABC’s teasers for the final season of lost. and 9 should keep promoting V. just like the US.

  6. The difference between Flashforward and V is that Flashforward had not aired yet in the US during its months of promotion whereas V has. To me, the ads simply tempt obtaining the show by other means before March 2010.

    @kerry – re: NBN HD – try a rescan. NBN HD where I am changed its name recently to inlcude its location so that may cause a problem for some tuners.

  7. They are sinking their own boat. By making people aware of the show and not broadcasting it increases the likelihood it will be downloaded. Especially for a sci fi show.

  8. They got my appetite going, and i wont be here in march (i travel to the states frequently) so ill have to once again take matters into my own hands, and i was looking forward to watching V here as well (and in my defense it was while watching the mentalist or big bang theory i saw the ad for V i woduln’t watch apprentice aus)

  9. Nine could’ve easily aired V in the last 4 weeks of ratings; considering ABC in the USA are only airing 4 episodes then the show breaks until March 2010. 4 episodes would’ve rounded out our ratings year then Nine could’ve bought it back same time as the US in March after the Winter Olympics.

  10. they did the same thing for flash forward, and we do know how that turned out- the first episode got 1.7 million viewers, 9 would love to get a result like that. anyone who has since dropped off FF has done so because they don’t like the show itself, not because they don’t like how early the promos started. if V is able to keep viewers on its merit than a high premiere audience would be excellent and make the show a success. I think 9 should promote the hell out of this and then treat the show right, try to bring sci-fi back to the network because right now they can’t touch the stuff.

  11. Yeah this really annoys me. I saw a preview at the movies the other week for A Nightmare on Elm Street (remake). Found out last night it doesn’t get released until April 30 2010.

  12. Well its obvious it will end up like The Survivors – NIne advertised this for months and then nothing – I have watched the first episode and i enjoyed what i saw – so i guess i wont be watching if and when they screen the series
    Any one know what is happening with NBN HD hasnt been on air for the last couple of days

  13. I would have thought that the fact Flash Forwards debut garnered 1.78 million people is actually a sign that this sort of advance publicity actually pays off quite nicely.

    The massive drop-off that followed with the show can be attributed to the fact it’s a lifeless chore to watch.

  14. We’ve been getting the promos here on WIN TV for the last 2 weeks.

    BTW the V pilot is good, very good but we all now how quickly shows can go down hill form there so the next few eps will tell how good it really is. I can say they get into the meat of the story quicker than the original. Maybe this was done because most of those tuning in know who the baddies are so why put it off.

    Maybe Nine show do 2 by 2 airing the 4 eps over 2 nights as a mini series with a “Returning in 2010” to keep people interested, again the target audiance will know it’s coming back in the US in 2010 so why hold off and why lie to them?

  15. And going by the first episode of “V”, we know how this one’ll turn out as well.

    It’s the second major fail by ABC this year, along with FlashForward. Both shows seem to be trying to tap into the sort of excitement that Lost produces. Both come across like bad late-90s telemovies.

    “V” is better than FlashForward, but only just. Its saving grace is Morena Baccarin who, let’s face it, could pretty much show up to anything and raise its standard.

    And yeah, yeah, apparently the original mini-series was amazing. Never seen it. All I know is that this new version is rubbish.

  16. Downright “unfair”?

    Wait a minute. It’s only 3 months away from airing. Promos in the US often start 5 months out. It’s called promotion.

    Movie trailers start playing 10 months before a movie’s release.

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