1. Thank god for 7two and GO..wipeout, big bang theory, matrix revolutions and kill bill 2..that is how sunday night viewing is meant to be…not endless crime shows.

  2. Huge audience for day 3 of Australian Masters, with Tiger Woods locked into a three-way battle with local golfers Greg Chalmers and James Nitties. It is the highest single day audience for the tournament ever. Channel Nine and tournament organisers will be pleased with that. I reckon the audience for the final day could hit 800,000.

  3. neighbours has fallen big time. maybe it’s time too bring out another lesbian kiss or lesbian story just to get people watching it or talking about it. well that’s what they have done in the past and i doubt it will work like it didn’t in he past.

    it’s time to cull the show

  4. Neighbours has such a hugely fluctuating audience. We’re talking over a quarter of its audience lost by Friday, but it’s pretty much a given that by Monday, most of them will be back (only to drift away again over the course of the week). David Mott must scratch his head over the weekly trajectory, especially since it’s become fairly consistent.

  5. re : poor ratings for Nine News in Sydney

    The problem …
    Denham Hitchcock
    Danny Weidler
    Peter Overton
    Fake stories on Australia being flooded with boat people (thank you Media Watch)

  6. Ten need to advertise what’s on one hd during primetime breaks, so it would be
    : coming up on ten___, then also coming up on one hd. this would be alot better because to be honest i never check what is on one hd so if i see if on screen and i like that sport i would most likely turn over

  7. Jed,
    The school episode involving the uni this year has been my least favourite episode. It just didnt do it for me! There wasnt enough chaos and where in the world are 2 students going to get crossbows from?

  8. @Harry. I think the school one was a great episode, but the one where Grace died has to be up there, didn’t see that coming.

    Great to watch the first episodes of Lie to Me and Criminal Minds this week.

    And my god, Eddie McGuire commentating the golf, why??? Because Tiger Woods is playing?? What’s wrong with leaving the usual golf commentators to do their job. Nine are stupid.

  9. Nine News at 848,000 total on a Friday night?????? Seven News had a whopping 100K more viewers in Sydney and 112K more in Melbourne than Nine? I couldn’t agree more, Brodie. Nine has hit rock bottom. That is an absolutely shocking performance, just shameful. Seven must be giggling with glee at these numbers.

  10. I thought TG would have done better for SBS last night. Lets just hopw they keep it on there, I guess they have nothing to loose and want to use up as many ‘first time in Australia’ eps they can before Nine get there hands on it. I also have to wonder if SBS still had the rights would they air new eps starting next week since we have new TG in the UK this weekend?

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