1. Jed, yes for me personally the last 2 eps rank #1/2 out of all the eps in Season 2. They have been brilliant. And yes its almost 4 AM, watching Rafa V Tsonga.

  2. @Harry, 2nd best ep ever, really?? what’s your number one??

    Good to see Amazing Race pick up.

    Yay finally watched Survivor tonight, and the 2nd ep recap was handy for me since i missed the first 4 eps. But what Jeff said, somethign about this season having some of the best characters ever int he game, do not agree with. There’s no one that reall stands out to me. No favourites. I like Brendan and Taj but meh with this lot.

  3. Very happy with Rush’s figure for last night. It was the second best episode throughout its history. Melbournes figures are back up above 300k. Burn Notice is doing well.

  4. great to see rush build on last week, hopefully it keeps growing till the season finale, glee did well 2 for a repeat and burn notice cam second in its slot, another awesome ep from burn notice! they rarley have an ep which isnt packed full of action, explosions, death, bashings and hot chicks! plus tips on how spys work

  5. Big figures for The Amazing Race. Looks as though all those Secret Millionaire viewers didn’t like Fergie and switched to TAR. An increase for GW up against a repeat of Glee. B&TG smashing the demos. Rush slightly up but its demos are nothing to rave about and it should at least be doing above 1.1mil like it was doing earlier in the year. Thank goodness TEN already commissioned another season otherwise they may not have with these ratings! And ABC News won its timeslot!

  6. Quite a low figure for Day 1 of Australian Masters golf, since the main drawcard (Tiger Woods) had finished his round by the time the telecast began. However, since he is playing this afternoon and expected to make the cut, the audience should increase steadily.

  7. Great result for The Amazing Race, really good episode last night.

    7 TWO must have pulled a decent share last night, it’s been a very long time since Seven last won a Thursday.

  8. @ James. The answer to your question is in fact yes. Still waiting for an answer but I don’t expect one. You may be happy with watching up to ten ads in a row every 7 minutes, but I’m willing to bet that the vast majority loathe it and that includes me.

  9. If Nine aren’t panicking about their national news ratings, they damn well should be. They have been falling below 1M quite a lot lately – terrible performance. It was beaten by the ABC News last night, I never thought I’d see the day that would happen. Big drop in ratings for last night’s 7pm Report.

  10. Rush back up a little bit to more respectable figures after last weeks series low, Last nights ep was awsome. As for Glee it repeated well for ten. Great show and one of my favourtite eps. Ghost Whipser inceases thanks to Glee being in repeat mode. Burn Notiice a solid litle performer for ten, no major figures, but doing 700k plus every week, ten know what there getting, another awsome ep last night. As for nines Fergie special, what a flop. They should win next thurs with the CSI cross over, but they should of done the CSI cross over as a major event, airing it over 2 days instead of 3 hours in one night (2hours Wednesday or Sunday then the last part Thursday). 7 had a good night demo wise and winning total people thanks to the Fergie flop.

  11. Your TV guide states that on both One and One HD there would be a program on skiing, from helicopters. (Thurs 12th) Neither channel showed this program at the stated time. What’s the point of displaying a TV guide if it’s wrong?

  12. Celebrity MasterChef should do better at the final. It will because people will just have interest in a winner than the whole series. If anything I know the crocoumbuche is to return. I saw a glimpse at last weeks final heat rounds and, it looks like Julie and Poh’s classic cries of ‘burnt myself and oowwow!’ are coming out of some of their mouths. I just hope people see this one!

  13. Rory,
    NCIS LA has not been a flop in this country. Every other show TEN airs on Wed does not rate at all. L&O UK sinked below 700k. At least NCIS LA has maintained the million for 6 weeks.

    Celeb MC should be rating higher but 1.11 million isnt a pathetic result. It was only 150k behind the #1 Show.

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