WIN dumps local ACA format and returns to Tracy Grimshaw

WIN-owned Channel Nine affiliates in Perth & Adelaide will abandon their locally-produced editions of A Current Affair and resume the Tracy Grimshaw East Coast edition.

Louise MomberWIN-owned affiliates in Perth and Adelaide will abandon their local hosts for A Current Affair and return to broacasting Nine’s East Coast edition hosted by Tracy Grimshaw.

Viewers in Perth and Adelaide have had local hosts of ACA since an Adelaide edition began in 2002, but it was short-lived. In 2008 state editions became permanent features in both cities with Louise Momber (pictured) and Kate Collins on the Bruce Gordon-owned network.

In a statement, WIN said today, “The current economic environment has forced a review of A Current Affair under its present operational format; an investigative team will continue to source local stories contributing to the national program on a regular basis.”

Executive Vice President of WIN, John Hatcher said “The A Current Affair team in Perth has done an outstanding job during the last 12 months and has delivered an exceptional program.

“The decision to revamp the format is a business decision and one which will enable us to provide our audience with a high rating, top quality current affairs show and will allow us to focus on our local news coverage with Perth’s own Nine News.”

Louise Momber is expected to take on a role as a senior reporter, with on-going presenting duties for Nine News.

Seven continues to have local hosts for Today Tonight state editions in Adelaide and Perth.

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  1. Louise Momber was way too ‘wooden’ to be an effective presenter, good decision guys. I would prefer your trashy type journalism to continue to be based on ‘sensationalism’ nationally, rather than pathetic local council parking disputes. For real news content I turn to ABC and SBS anyway. That way I don’t get The West Coast Eagles, or Dockers as leading news stories every night.

  2. the first couple of weeks was good as the leading stories was sa based and good at that. the lower lakes being a good story. but i haven’t seen a proper sa based story in awhile. good luck to kate as the tv world is hard and we as a nation have become a bunch of knockers with chips on our shoulders.

  3. I know this has nothing to do with WIN but if Nine had not wasted Money on those 2.5 men imports and that Bert Newton Rubbish 20 to 1 and now 50 to 1 They would not be in this much of a financial problem now shame really.
    First they announce the axing of the lovable Humphrey Bear and sell him off and now this.
    I know this might sound like an odd choice for the Adelaide Edition but why not bring back Keith Conlon to give him something to do when he is not hosting Postcards.

  4. How about dropping this crap now.Put 2.5 men on at 6:30pm and Hurry Up getting a game show of some type put into the 7pm timeslot for when ratings start again in 2010.
    Except for people into these kinds of shows They will lose Viewers to Neighbours and whatever else the ABC shows at the same time of night.I don’t even watch the s**t that is ACA and Today Tonight Usually I am working or if it is my day off I am at the fitness centre and find a tv set that has a channel 10 setting on it at half six every week and get my soap fix and a half hour escapism from reality.

  5. re: sam (4:23) .. yes sam, there is a world out there, unfortunately it seems you are stuck in your own little world with those unwarranted comments.. boo hoo to you

    as an adelaide resident (formerly of the big wide world as sam would put it), the s.a. version of aca was not bad at all – it was apparently making ground in its timeslot, even winning at times!

    they gave it a go…… their website was always up to date, and well organised for what it was (adelaideaca.com.au)

    its a pity really, rip

  6. wat i cant belive it i liked lousie muc more than tracy and now my high skool will never be on there agian cos it was on there when we got a $20.000 now they never come bac i miss aca perth

  7. From what I saw of Perth & Adelaide’s ACA, they didn’t mind putting the odd local political story to air. Now that timeslot just got a little bit dumber.

    Oh well. WIN Corp should be given credit for at least having a go.

  8. If WIN is is wanting to build their local profile and news brand in Adelaide & Perth (which I expect was the reason behind the two local ACAs) they’d be better off spending the money on a local late news at 5.30pm as a lead in to the 6pm news or at 11.30pm.

  9. And Nine wonders why Channel 7 beats it consistently by 80000ish+ in news and current affairs….
    Channel 7 should get a further jump on nine (and advertising) by going to satellite subscribers on foxtel over here.

  10. According to David Butorac, part of the reason he was sacked by Bruce Gordon was because Butorac axed Gordon’s pet project, the WIN produced ‘Susie’. Now WIN axes two programs Butorac started.

  11. In Adelaide we still have a wealth of “Miracle Mums” “Heart warming babies” and “Nasty hoons” ..who will tell their stories??? I guess Today tonight cleans up. While we are on the subject surely ABC2 could give “Frontline” another airing

  12. adelaide is already inward looking enough- what it needs is more outside content so SA can see there are other places/stories that might appeal….who on earth would live in sa and only want to see a granny getting her bag snatched at unley – while the rest of australia are watching a story about god forbid outside of SA or O/S…the show is a dud anyway…adelaide used to have is own version of nightline choc a block full of SA stories…a dreadful bore….hello there is a world out here

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