“You Blogged. We Listened.”

ybTEN’s on air advertisements for The Office say it all.

“You Blogged. We Listened” it says.

TEN has acknowledged the growing importance of social networking and new media in advertisements for The Office, which responded to ongoing requests to give the US sitcom an earlier timeslot.

The ad for the upcoming episodes, which will air Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm in December, said:
“I need my office fix” jenniferm
“Very unfriendly timeslot” -holly go-lightly
“why is the office on so late?” -nathans1
“I wish they would air more of the office” -kayzpal

TEN continues to show it is the network that pays attention to the voice of its viewers.


  1. Kim And Dave are Great

    9 AM The Best show on TV. Original as Ch: 10 has 2 of the best Journalists asking the real questions with the funniest wit, that are the down to earth. Presenting people, topics and subjects that the other airheads (CH: 9, 7) can’t understand. The infomercials are unfortunate, but that’s commercial TV. They have the most honest, funny, intelligent, informative and educational show on TV. David and Kim are the Show. Dave is cool, (probably sexy to women viewers) and Kim unpretentiously: intelligent, witty and so sexy. Both have substance that is rare on TV. Yes they aren’t shallow or superficial. Without either one of them the dynamics are lost. Time to turn off the other morning brain dead shows – Kerry Anne (right wing and stoned all the time) and the other Air heads (can’t spell IQ between them), are just that. Air Heads. It’s a breath of fresh air to have the truth on TV. More Dave and Kim 9am.

  2. Its better getting the dvd from America . I think this is one of the shows they spilt into 2 releases for one season .Season 3 , Season 3 Part 2 I think it was .But if you get the dvd from America its the complete season in one release. Obviously they are over marketing in Australia and trying to make more money off it.
    Channel Ten might say they listen to their viewers but they only have done it , going to do it from Dec 1 . So they take requests for Summer only !

  3. I hate to be cynical but it reminds me of when commercial radio stations play song requests. They clearly only play the songs they want to play to fit their radio station demographics and then read out listeners names who requested their songs. They never mention all the hundreds of people who requested songs that they have no intention of ever playing

  4. Another example of them paying attention to the viewers was Supernatural. Admittedly it annoyed the hell out of us with it’s programming for it but they actually read the channel Ten forums and saw the majority of people were unhappy with the timeslot and so they waited until they could get a better one. For a while there I’d started to hate Ten but now they’re slowly bringing me back. It’s definately the station I watch the most.

  5. I agree with the others who say this will probably last about 2 weeks and then disappear again, it never gained an audeince in the first place – for a reason no doubt!

  6. Shame they didn’t start doing this in season 2, as season four and five had a massive decline in quality. Its still better than 90% of the crap on primetime television though. Will the 2.5 men lovers enjoy this? Probably not.

  7. Ive just reached the end of Season 5 so this is great timing .
    But The Office has long seasons so are we sure they will keep it at that time til the season finale episode ?? Probably not !!

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