Airdate: 2009 New Year’s Eve ARIA Countdown

nyeNine’s 2009 New Year’s Eve ARIA Countdown will be hosted by Richard Wilkins, and What’s Good For You presenter, Lyndsey Rodrigues.

From 9:15pm they will count down the 30 hottest ARIA chart hits of 2009 including Pink, Lilly Allen, Empire of the Sun, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Jay Z, Miley Cyrus and more.

The 2009 New Year’s Eve ARIA Countdown begins after the fireworks display at 9.15pm and finishes at 11.45pm just before the countdown to 2010 begins.

I’m always so out of step with the NYE conventions… I still reckon its NYE 2010… the “eve” of 2010 -but every year I am outvoted!


  1. Will watch ABC2 for last year’s Graham Norton New Year show then switch to 9. Would watch 10 but as their countdown show is pre recorded they obviously don’t give a ****

  2. if i remember correctly ( and please correct me if im wrong), but last year both nine and ten covered the sydney fireworks while seven covered melbourne’s. According to the guide on only nine will be airing fireworks this year.

  3. From what i ve heard is that ten didn’t have the cash to do the sydney fireworks again . I think that city of sydney had to give away the rights and pay for the tv production so they would be broadcast

  4. Definitely Shaun Micallef, but I will still be switching over for the 9pm and 12am fireworks. Or maybe I’ll decide to stop watching television and actually go outside for a change and celebrate.

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