Airdate: Come Dine with Me Australia

ComeDineWithMeAustraliaThe Lifestyle Channel unveils its local version of Come Dine with Me next month, the UK amateur cooking show currently airing at 5pm weekdays on Seven.

The 20-part half-hour series is produced by Granada Australia and follows amateur Australian chefs battling it out for the title of ultimate dinner party host.

Each week, over five nights, five total strangers take it in turns to cook up their idea of the perfect evening for the other four. Like the UK series rival dinner hosts snoop around each others’ houses and go to great lengths to win the competition. At the end of the evening, the host is judged by their guests and scored out of ten. The host with the most points at the end of the week wins a cash prize.

It promises a diverse mix of competitors who will “inspire, amuse and outrage with their attempts to out-wine, out-dine and out-class each other in this spicy culinary cook-off.”

Come Dine with Me Australia premieres 8:30pm Monday January 18th.


  1. Hope UK version is better. Watch average 3 nights week. Enjoy the cooking side of show but it seems to be deviating more from that side each time you watch. Do not agree that guests should be allowed to go into Host bedroom and go through their personal things. Last night watched (12/2/10). Even though Celeste won the money we feel for a supposedly christian person she was very unchristian and we did not like her at all especially all the garbage she went on with on Halloween theme night. Get back to basics with show which is about cooking.

  2. I watch the Come Dine with Me UK all the time an was looking forward to watching the aussie version.. How wrong i was!!!!!!!!!!! How embarrasing to be Australian. I have only caught the last contestant on the show, i just hope it can eventually reach the standard of the uk…………I have yet to meet aussies that act so ridiculous.

  3. This show was made for Channel 10, especially an Aussie version. Why is it just being shown on Lifestyle? Just like a lot of other shows it will probably be a hit over in England and the contestants will become celebrities over there. Look at what happened to the Sylvanyia Waters show in the 90’s that was huge with the Brits. I agree with Brekkie – it’s hidden away.

  4. If you guys don’t already know 7 picked up the UK ones and are currently showing them weeknights at 5pm.. but unfortunately it’s not rating well 🙁 I think considering the time slot, the fact they are UK and old doesn’t help.

    I hope it picks up.

  5. Should be on Lifestyle Food like the orginal. I guess Food must not be part of the standard package, or it just would get more exposure on The Lifestyle Channel.

  6. You’re right!

    With the success of Masterchef this would be a great program to have say 6pm weeknights leading into neighbours and then 7pm masterchef on channel 10.

    If it went on 9 or 7 it would be lost but i’m sure 10 could do something with it.

    Oh well, but i hope a FTA channel picks it up after Lifestyle has aired it and i hope that channel is 10. It would work wonders.

    Or perhaps they should do it during biggest loser as having 2 cooking shows on every night might bore people alittle…i don’t know!! lol

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