Airdate: I Survived a Japanese Game Show

jag7TWO is set to screen the wild US reality series I Survived a Japanese Game Show in which 10 Americans – many of whom have never travelled outside the United States – compete in a Japanese game show.

Contestants are informed that they are to take part in a reality-style competition, but not informed of the nature of the show until they are flown to Tokyo, and taken to the Toho Studios, where it is revealed that they are to compete on a Japanese game show called Majide..

The crazy games/challenges include; eating food attached to the head of a teammate running on a fast-moving treadmill, contestants flinging themselves off a trampoline onto a Velcro wall and smashing over-sized eggs using only their butts while wearing chicken suits.

The contestants also live in a house together with a Japanese Mama-san who expects the contestants to live in line with Japanese culture and customs.

Each week a player will be eliminated and the final winner will take home $250,000.

It begins Wednesday, January 13 at 7:30pm.


  1. First series was great -a good mix of reality and games, with the contestants seemingly thinking they were on a real Japanese show.

    The second though was rubbish – everyone knew it was fake, and they ditched the reality aspect to squeeze in more games, ruining the balance of the show.

  2. Haha, cool ^^ I really like Japanese game shows and would like to be in one too lol 😀 … well as long as they don’t do something disgusting that is =\ Then it stops being funny and starts being yucky =\

  3. I wonder which season it will be? I watched season 1 a year and a half ago, but a second season aired much more recently on ABC in the US.

    Going by the listed challenges, though, I’m guessing it’s the first season.

    It’s kinda not-bad, but runs out of steam pretty fast once the novelty wears off – and they never really take advantage of the possibilities offered by the format.

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