Airdate: Same Sex America

weddingThe Biography Channel tonight screens the  2006 documentary Same Sex America, the stories of seven gay and lesbian couples on their journey to the altar with a dramatic showdown at Massachusetts’ constitutional convention.

The film captures a defining chapter in gay and lesbian rights in the US.

Same Sex America is a compelling tapestry of interwoven stories set against the backdrop of what is an historic chapter in the history of civil rights in America. Filmmaker Henry Corra treats his subjects with the utmost respect, and the result is a subtle, richly layered film that inspires and entertains while taking the viewer on an unforgettable journey to the heart of the new American family.

It airs Monday at 8.30pm on Bio.

Update: Foxtel now advises bumped due to scheduling clash with the lovely Michael Buble at 9:30 (he’s a Winter Olympics brand of course). Will be rescheduled for 2010 but no date as yet. Apologies for any confusion. Hopefully Foxtel will improve scheduling amendments to Media better in 2010 so this can be avoided…


  1. It was scheduled in the Foxtel magazine, but the online guide and EPG have had Worst Sex Change… there for a week. I emailed Bio. last week asking them to clarify but they haven’t responded to lil’ ol’ me.

    I can only only think that it was a scheduling error – it is a 90 minute film, but was scheduled for a 60 minute slot – either there’s a condensed version out there (I hope not) or someone made a mistake and they’ll have to reschedule it for a 90 minute slot in the future.

    I was really looking forward to this. >_>

  2. Unfortunately I think Bio must have rescheduled this, as it seems that they are screening “The World’s Worst Sex Change Surgeon” in this timeslot tonight?

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