Airdate: Superstars of Dance

bio_australiaNine made a bit of a song and dance about acquiring NBC’s Superstars of Dance back in January.

They will finally air the thing nearly a year later.

At the time, Nine’s Head of Acquisitions, Les Sampson, said: “Despite very competitive bidding from all the local commercial networks, we are thrilled to have added this exciting new series to Nine’s slate for 2009. Taking into account its producers and format, it’s sure to be a massive hit with audiences in Australia and internationally.”

Alas it wasn’t really. But given the success of So You Think You Can Dance Australia and Dancing with the Stars who wouldn’t have presumed this one wouldn’t follow?

It features Australians Henry Byalikov, Australian Dance Theatre, Kelley Abbey as a judge and Jason Gilkinson as Australia’s dance coach.

It airs in double eps from 7:30 Wednesday December 23 and then 30th.


  1. An underwhelming piece of nationalist rubbish with an obvious winner, a shame because the idea was a great way to show international dance acts. stinky piece of cheese

  2. I really enjoyed the show but lets hope that channel 9 doesn’t keep changing the programs times and days as it has a habit of doing.
    I only knew this was on as a friend called me. Normally I dont watch 9 at all as it shuffles and dumps programs too often.

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