Airdate: The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty

jackson-brothersArena will screen the 6 part observational series that was being filmed with the Jackson Brothers before the death of Michael earlier this year.

Filming stopped when the tragedy struck, and the family reviewed their position with the series. It certainly gave the project a new television currency for the A&E Network.

The brothers opted to continue with the series, and picks up just after his public memorial ceremony.

It aired in the US in mid December.

The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty is a groundbreaking real-life series that follows Jackie, Jermaine, Tito and Marlon Jackson as they reunite for 40th anniversary Jackson Five celebration, while also coming to terms with the passing of their beloved brother Michael.

The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty is a deeply intimate portrait that will chronicle the personal and professional lives of the famous brothers, their relationship with each other, their parents and their children and will provide viewers with a raw and honest look inside the world of the most famous musical dynasty.

Behind the headlines lies a captivating family, whose lives have been unwillingly played out before the cameras for decades. Now, for the first time ever, the brothers allow unprecedented access into their private world as they record new material and rehearse for a concert celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Jackson Five, and balance their extremely busy personal and professional lives with the demands of celebrity.

Cameras follow the brothers as they record vocals for a song on Michael’s This Is It movie soundtrack; attend the bittersweet premiere of the film; travel to London to support Tito who is a special guest star for musical legend Gladys Knight at a Wembley Arena concert performance; and try to balance their obligations as the remaining members of the Jackson Five, while also pursuing their individual projects.

The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty will air Mondays at 8.30pm, premiering February 8 on Arena.


  1. This is crap! not all of us have foxtel and im michael jacksons biggest fan i adore him ! and i really want to be able to watch this! please can you out it on GO or something. this is totally unfair for all the jackson fans in aussie who dont have foxtel.

  2. The reviews for this have been terrible, but I really enjoyed it. The way the brothers constantly say the media makes up lies about them fighting and then proceed to fight is priceless.

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