Airdate: Ultimate Fighting Championship 110

cvTEN has announced Ultimate Fighting Championship‘s Australian event at Acer Arena in Sydney will air Live on ONE next February.

The mixed martial arts event is one of the channel’s more popular sports. Tickets for the sell-out event were so hot, it became the second fastest sellout of an event in the history of the UFC.

TEN’s Head of Sport, David White said, “The UFC is the fastest growing sports organisation in the world and clearly has a passionate and loyal following in Australia as evidenced by the speed of ticket sales. We believe that televising the event on free-to-air TV will support its growth here and further highlight that ONE is the leading sports network in Australia.”

UFC 110 will air on Sunday, 21st February.


  1. @ Neon Kitten

    Bit late, but feel like I need to comment. George Sotiropoulos is the leading Australian fighter at the moment. Might want to check what he did before choosing to fight. To save you the trouble of googling, Sotiropoulos has a Bachelor of Business in Banking & Finance, Associate Diploma of Business in International Trade from Victoria University and was in the finance industry.

    Sound like a brain-dead person? Brent Lee smashed it on the head. Educate before you dictate!!

  2. Ha ha…love it…always stirs people up…if you cant respect two athletes(yes they have been training years for these fights) who have to use their “intelligence”…yes it actually does take brains to outsmart a fellow fighter who has also been training years….in a sport where the mistakes can put you in some bad positions then your just being naieve…fair enough i dont like watching motorcycle gps but i sure as hell respect them for the skill they show in their given field….to blame a controlled and ruled equal weight fight where a referee,3 judges and doctors are all hand plus numerous trainers in both corners for the surge in violence hmmmm….short sighted,narrow minded and typical of closed minded people….I think UFC is an awesome event and if men(and yes women do it too..i don’t agree but its called personal choice) can have an arena where they can challenge themselves both physically and mentally(which i would say is more important than the physical aspect) and know its in a controlled enviroment…then guess what..there is actually a chance violence can be decreased instead of 3 or 4 drunk “wannabe” tough guys beating up 1 guy in a street fight situation where people die……I think its a great business insight by Dana White and the team behind the UFC as like it or not this sport is growing…to the extent that boxing is starting to feel it….we as people love a good fair competition….not a bashing…so wonder why its growing so fast hey….I can’t wait for UFC 110 and just out of curiosity…to those that think its not martial arts based….have you ever done martial arts?……bruce lee would love the challenge of the ufc and if you want some insight into a great martial artist…look up Anderson Silva on your google…educate before you dictate 😉

  3. “two pumped-up brain-dead guys” sounds insulting to me. even though some like to say it’s barbaric (some say boxing is too) you have to remember watching ufc is very different to watching a street brawl, there are rules, techniques etc. and unlike a street brawl you know no one is going to get stabbed. anyway obviously ufc (and for some any type of martial arts) isn’t for everyone.

  4. @mac: bit defensive there, aren’t we? I wasn’t insulting anyone, merely making an observation. It was like watching a crowd egging on a street brawl. And I’ve seen that happen, too.

    Bit hard to “attack those who go to McDonalds” when I was one of those who went to McDonalds, hmm?

  5. @ neon kitten, get a life, don’t like it, don’t watch it, can’t believe you even managed attack those who go to mcdonald’s. ufc is basically a mix of wrestling and boxing both witch are classed as sport, martial arts and both take skill. how do you think they learn the different holds, techniques etc. look at the comment by newtaste, he/she isn’t interested in ufc, but didn’t result to insulting those who do enjoy it.

  6. Thanks for the input guys – however ESPN is a subscription channel – ONE HD is FTA. UFC must really want to push their sport in OZ, so Id love to know how much ONE HD was offered this for (and how Main Event is probably upset losing a PPV event)

  7. I admit this isnt a ‘sport’ for everyone. No way will my kids be watching. But this is a great move by Ten. The sport is exploding and getting a decent live card on fta is a coup imo.

  8. Great news and no surprise on how fast it sold out. I’m looking forward to it.

    What was the go with the Hulkamania show not being aired?
    Bloody spewing it wasn’t on.

  9. Haha yes – just like you showed “Hulkamaia” right… I’ll believe this when I see it

    Also, isnt this type of UFC event usually PPV? Why would UFC allow a PPV event to be on FTA TV?

  10. Saw a bit of one of these events in, of all places, a McDonalds the other week. “Sport”? Nope. “Martial arts”? Nope. It was two pumped-up brain-dead guys beating the living crap out of each other. And didn’t the McDonalds audience love it! I was astonished to see an entire family enraptured by the spectacle, to the point where they were all baying for blood.

    And they blame nightclubs for the surge in violence. Yeah. Right.

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