Auditions: The Marriage Ref

angrySeven is now looking for married couples for its upcoming series The Marriage Ref, based on the new format by Jerry Seinfeld.

The concept attracted a good deal of buzz at MIPCOM, thanks to Seinfeld’s own attendance. Seven picked up the rights to both the US version, to begin production in January, and a local version. Looks like it is wasting no time on a local series.

Disputes between real-life spouses will be light-heartedly tackled by celebrities, comedians and sports stars who comment, judge and decide who’s right and who’s wrong. Presumably it will reveal a lot about the judges’ own lives too.

Seven is seeking couples who argue about parenting, wacky hobbies, crazy in-laws, meddling mates, or even disgusting habits.You must be married and aged 20 or above, an Australian Citizen or permanent resident for at least the last 2 years.

Here are some of the questions you will be asked as part of the Application:

Previous Marriages (Please provide details):
What is the ongoing argument you need resolved by The Marriage Ref?
What are your three favourite things about your partner?
What are three things that annoy you most about your partner?
Do you have any talents, party tricks, or unusual hobbies/interests?
If selected, would you be able to commit to this project for a period of approximately one week?
Please upload a clear photo of both wife and husband (head and shoulders)

I am applying in my personal capacity and I am not an employee of, or in any way associated with, any news or media outlet, including any web based media outlet.
Any travel and associated expenses to attend an Audition will be entirely my responsibility.
If I am selected to participate in the Program, I agree:
1. to undertake any medical examination or psychological test, including screening for drugs, prohibited substances and communicable diseases, at times and places determined by the Producers and to provide all medical and other information requested by any person appointed by the Producers to carry out such examination, test or screening;
I consent to the Producers making such enquiries as they think fit concerning me and my identity, background or history with the Police or any other authority or organisation.
I agree that I will not communicate to the public via the media or the internet (e.g. blogs, personal websites, and chat rooms) at any time about my participation in an Audition or the Program.

You can apply here.


  1. we had made it asked if we would like to go on marriage ref was interviewed at home told we were picked told that later in the year will be getting filmed for the show and still heard nothing. why ?
    bill & kath brisbane

  2. The only reason I;ll be checking this out is apparently Lauren Graham is one of the stars to appear on the show, ep 4… which probably means it will never air on Seven as they will yank it after 2 eps LOL

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