Australia slapped again over FlashForward leak

Now the New York Post is blaming us for leaking their show. Confusion prevails as American media tries to see beyond its borders.

FlashForFirst it was the Hollywood Reporter.

Now the NY Post reckons we spoiled their FlashForward too.

“But in Australia — where Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated until May — viewers saw the original episode that we won’t see until Thursday night.”

Yes, we’re just busy bees stuffing turkeys in readiness for next May. Not.

“No word yet on whether Disney will try to re-adjust the schedule in Australia to avoid the same thing happening in the weeks ahead,” it said.

Earth to America: It won’t! We’re all on hiatus here until Febu-bloody-aury! December and January are ‘non-sweeps in Oz!’

TVByTheNumbers also ran a story under the headline: ‘If FlashForward’s ratings drop this Thursday, blame the Aussies!’

It picked up on the Hollywood Reporter story noting, “James Hibberd reports that with our Thanksgiving holiday the Australians got an episode ahead (and presumably will remain so at least for another couple of weeks) and have unleashed it into the wild via Torrent downloads and other illegal streaming sites. What Hibberd didn’t report is that just like in the USA, FlashForward’s ratings have tanked in Australia since the premiere.”

Got that right.

We promise not to upset your precious schedules. Sheesh.

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  1. @Craig: “haha, even their top notch journos at The NY Post are idiots”

    The NY Post isn’t really noted for its top rate journalism, it’s basically just a gossip rag these days (they might as well rename it “The Page 6 News”). Not that this excuses shoddy journalism in any way.

  2. I worked with an American once who told me of his rather dim young neighbour in California, she went on her first OS vacation to Paris and returned to breathlessly report that “they don’t celebrate July 4th over there.”

    I’ve dealt with several Americans (mostly college educated) over the years that simply couldn’t comprehend that our seasons are the opposite to theirs, one once asked me if we therefore celebrate Christmas in June…

  3. that’s got to be a joke right? Looks like US turkey celebrations include fair amounts of booze, or all the grown ups are out of the office for the holidays and some work experience kid has gone to town. How is it a spoiler if you have to seek out the torrent, download the torrent, and then get it into a form you can view.

  4. God, what idiots. It’s not like it’s the first time Australia has leaked an episode of a TV show onto the internet before the US saw it anyway. Who the hell cares if we leaked it??? No one has forced you to download it! At least be grateful you morons we’re letting you see it before your TV channels air it! Who’s saying it’s specifically targeted at your country anyway? Sorry we ruined your “precious holiday”. Didn’t realise your computers were set to be forced to download the episode. Urgh.

    And yeah, I’ll take the day off next May as well :P. That’ll go down well.

  5. I really dont want to jump on the “yeah,americans are so dumb….” band wagon.

    However – in fairness, I’m just guessing that they think that Australia is somewhere in the US?
    While in states a few years back, I once told a guy (mid 40s’) I’m from Ireland….and his reply was “……..in California?”, to which I replied “ummm no….Europe”.

    True story.

  6. @ryan: Your wish is already coming true. The show has been shedding viewers pretty regularly. ABC hasn’t really had a strong year, even their comedies have all performed worse than expected (the best of the bunch is Modern Family, but even that is nothing even close to a ‘hit’).

  7. American’s are so funny. They don’t even understand the meaning behind their own holiday to realise that we wouldn’t celebrate it!
    haha, even their top notch journos at The NY Post are idiots

  8. spoiled means when someone tells you the plot of an ep before you have seen it, not when you watch the whole ep your self beofre it airs, im sure US viewers are more than happy to download flashfoward and see it a week before it airs, the only people who would be bothered by this would be abc, why are the ny post taking abc’s side over that of the viewers?

  9. How do they not get that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving? It’s specifically about the sharing of meals with the Native Americans and the White colonisers in North America – admittedly it wasn’t a story that ended well (colonisation and the exploitation of the indigenous population), but it’s a very specifically American story – hell, I teach that to my year 8 students as a part of Contact History. One has to wonder where they got the May idea from…There aren’t any public holidays in May in Oz, from what I can remember. But hell, if they want to give it to us, i’m more than willing to take a day off to eat some turkey!!

  10. They havent got a clue at all. Americans are just pissed off because we got it before them! Well Earth to America, Everything doesnt revolve around you!

    Also Canada gets episodes of some shows a day or so before them. Bones and SVU are a couple of them.

  11. Its so funny watching the American media try to see beyond their nation. Its quite funny!

    Do American’s not realise they they release torrents world wide; way before any other nation. All the other network around the world need to compete with torrent leeching.

    And do they not bother reporting it was also released around Europe same as Australia before the US got it; its one week I can’t see why they’re having such a whinge and bitch over it.

  12. Of course blame the Aussies, don’t blame the Americans who decided not to air it, or those that download it instead of waiting 1 week, or the ones who neglected to tell ch 7 not to air it.

    Is it really such an issue that we see it 1 week before they do, christ, get a life you bloody yanks.
    Non ratings season blows (sometimes anyway, sometimes they even have better shows on).

  13. even the NY post can’t do research, it’s not like there were stacks of comments on the hollywood reporter article indicating that we don’t do thanksgiving, oh wait… yes there were! thanksgiving is an american holiday, why on earth would any other country in the world celebrate it, let alone us. people that ignorant deserve to have their shows spoiled. also love how none of them bothered to ask 7 what was going to happen in future weeks, instead they just assume we are going to be spoiling them for ages, there are magical things called telephones and the internet, they let you actually ask people questions and get answers in return, what a novel concept for these so-called journalists.

  14. The Yanks are pi**ed because for once we got something before them? Cry more – you guys get Everything before us sometimes by months.

    Thanksgiving in May? What happened to fact checking in Journalism these days?

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