Australia slapped again over FlashForward leak

Now the New York Post is blaming us for leaking their show. Confusion prevails as American media tries to see beyond its borders.

FlashForFirst it was the Hollywood Reporter.

Now the NY Post reckons we spoiled their FlashForward too.

“But in Australia — where Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated until May — viewers saw the original episode that we won’t see until Thursday night.”

Yes, we’re just busy bees stuffing turkeys in readiness for next May. Not.

“No word yet on whether Disney will try to re-adjust the schedule in Australia to avoid the same thing happening in the weeks ahead,” it said.

Earth to America: It won’t! We’re all on hiatus here until Febu-bloody-aury! December and January are ‘non-sweeps in Oz!’

TVByTheNumbers also ran a story under the headline: ‘If FlashForward’s ratings drop this Thursday, blame the Aussies!’

It picked up on the Hollywood Reporter story noting, “James Hibberd reports that with our Thanksgiving holiday the Australians got an episode ahead (and presumably will remain so at least for another couple of weeks) and have unleashed it into the wild via Torrent downloads and other illegal streaming sites. What Hibberd didn’t report is that just like in the USA, FlashForward’s ratings have tanked in Australia since the premiere.”

Got that right.

We promise not to upset your precious schedules. Sheesh.

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  1. The funniest thing about all this is that the editor in chief of The NY Post is an Australian, Col Allan. He hasn’t taught them much about Australia in his 8 year tenure. Col’s they guy who took K-Rudd to that NY City strip club.

    If it makes the yanks feel any better I promise not to view my DVR’d FlashForward ep until the weekend.

  2. @Russel

    Ahhhh Yankophile Aussies, the worst kind of us there is.

    Mate the dumbest of us knows more about the USA than the smartest of them does about Down Under. Why would this be? Well, I distinctly recall having to learn the names and capitals of all 50 US states when I did geography at school and that’s just one example from a selection of many. Still no idea why, to this day.

    But back on topic… This whole affair is a thinly disguised attempt at publicity for a show that was tanking badly.

  3. Guys. Trust me. This is a non story in the US. No one here is “upset”.
    In fact it’s fair to say for the 5 years I’ve lived here Australia is generally a non story.
    Again – Australia: greatest country in the world. But this anti USA Americans are stupid rants are embarassing to read. Australians are so desperate to have our country loved and worshiped by the world that when we are not we throw a tantrum.
    It’s cringe worthy!

  4. @rich, now that i have re red the article it does seem to be tongue in cheek, just like david’s article is, although the ny post seem to have taken the thanksgiving day in May comment literally . also you have to remember that this is just one article which does not represent the intellect of a whole nation, just like sometimes Australian news articles are incorrect and poorly written. i’m sure most readers wouldn’t automatically believe that Australia celebrates thankgiving in may, just like im sure most people hear wouldn’t believe an article that said that America celebrates the queens bday.

  5. I don’t see the Americans getting this upset when Canadian networks run US shows early and they leak as torrents. Or when DVD screeners of episodes turn up sometimes months before they air anywhere, for that matter.

    Smacks of jealousy to me. And I can’t fathom why. We should be jealous that we had to endure FlashForward and they didn’t!

  6. These comments are hilarious. Best comic relief ever! To all those that have commented to far, you have made my day.

    To think, its all because of one episode of a tv show! Americans! Pffft.

  7. wow, look at all this reaction!

    I totally agree with Russell, this is such a non-story, it’s just aussies with big heads. If you actually read the article by Hibberd it specifically says, “For the record, Aussies do have a Thanksgiving holiday, but it’s in May and they don’t really do it right.” So even he admits it’s not an actual ‘Thanksgiving holiday.’

    Further the tvbythenumbers gang thing is just a tongue’n’cheek thing if you guys actually follow the website.

    How low can you guys go?

  8. I knew most Americans were out of touch with what happens in the rest of the world, but honestly, “Thanksgiving in May” ???? Didn’t realise the Pilgrims picked up the Mayflower, carried it across the continent, dropped it in the Pacific and sailed to Australia.

    As for having an episode of “FastForward” spoilt. It’s a boring show. It’s ratings are nosedriving and production has been “paused” in the USA. So what’s the USA gonna do about it? Invade us. Talk about having a media that reports nonsense instead of News. And all those naughty people shouldn’t have been downloading it should they, so it’s their own fault.

    LOL, LOL, LOL etc.

  9. Wow nothing works Aussies up more than people not knowing a lot about our country. Why is everyone so upset? You think the Australian media has reported everything 100% correctly about NZ, the UK, or the US over the years?
    I live in the US and I am always reading Australian websites that get things wrong about the US. Always! I love Australia dearly and think it is the bst country in the world, but most Aussies really do suffer from small country syndrome.

  10. Who cares???
    It is not as good as hoped and it needs to go … there were far better shows that should have survived … and who cares what America thinks anyway … they still think they are the centre of the universe … Wrong!

  11. obviously the Hollywood reporter does not read their comments section as it is full comments about how australia does not celebrate Thanksgiving in may. also if the ny post and tvbythenubmers did their own research instead of just copying what the hr said they would have picked up on these errors.

  12. Not all Americans are Yanks.

    I still remember the laughs when I tried to describe fairy floss to my American Aunty (born and raised in Capri, Italy though) and in her southern Georgian shriek responded with “oh, don’t you mean Cotton Candy!!!” – no Aunty, it’s freaking Fairy Floss where I come from!

    Bet they hate that we celebrate New Year’s Day before them too!

    It did feel good watching FlashForward before the rest of the world though.

  13. @David S – lets not forget the toilets flush the wrong way here and we drive on the wrong side of the road. Americans as some of the worst educated people in the world when it comes to international affairs, and they elected one as their President some 9 years ago…

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