Australia slapped again over FlashForward leak

Now the New York Post is blaming us for leaking their show. Confusion prevails as American media tries to see beyond its borders.

FlashForFirst it was the Hollywood Reporter.

Now the NY Post reckons we spoiled their FlashForward too.

“But in Australia — where Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated until May — viewers saw the original episode that we won’t see until Thursday night.”

Yes, we’re just busy bees stuffing turkeys in readiness for next May. Not.

“No word yet on whether Disney will try to re-adjust the schedule in Australia to avoid the same thing happening in the weeks ahead,” it said.

Earth to America: It won’t! We’re all on hiatus here until Febu-bloody-aury! December and January are ‘non-sweeps in Oz!’

TVByTheNumbers also ran a story under the headline: ‘If FlashForward’s ratings drop this Thursday, blame the Aussies!’

It picked up on the Hollywood Reporter story noting, “James Hibberd reports that with our Thanksgiving holiday the Australians got an episode ahead (and presumably will remain so at least for another couple of weeks) and have unleashed it into the wild via Torrent downloads and other illegal streaming sites. What Hibberd didn’t report is that just like in the USA, FlashForward’s ratings have tanked in Australia since the premiere.”

Got that right.

We promise not to upset your precious schedules. Sheesh.

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  1. A Prime Minister or Two have advertised Thanksgiving in May in Australia. I think they try to make it into some religious event which is probably why almost all 21 million Australians ignore it.

    How many shows in the past have we had to wait 6 months to 2 years to catch up on. So let the 300 odd million Americans suck it up.

  2. @brisvegas

    Your story is funny and I can replicate it. Remember speaking to someone in the US many moons ago on the intertubes. They asked where I was from, and I said Scotland. “Scotland near Atlanta?” was the amazing response.

    They had heard of a town of a few hundred called Scotland in Georgia but not the country of Scotland… Ireland, CA and Scotland, GA eh?

  3. I see that there are only 2 comments at the NY Post regarding this story, both of them from Aussies picking the reporter up on the “Thanksgiving” remark and over 400 comments about Tiger Woods. So apart from the NYP reporter’s beat-up, it’s a real non-issue.

  4. @Shane

    You’re good on stereotypes, unfortunately they rarely reflect the real world. See my post again, the final line is the salient one.

    Oh and who are these Yank-haters? Most Australians I know fall over themselves trying to be more like them, not less.

  5. Pretty shoddy journalism, but before going off at the Yanks and getting all high and mighty, watch an episode or two of Media Watch. Dont think our media in Oz is a lot better. Today Tonight and ACA are 2 of our top rating shows. Scary stuff!

  6. @Bazza, I think you’ll find that Blind Americanhating Aussies are the worst kind there are.
    Yes, the US is big and scary and (most times) sticks its nose where it’s not really wanted, but everything Russel said is correct. The Aussie media is so desperate for us to be “The World’s Mate” that any time Any Aussie gets the remotest bit of positive press in the US, then they are hailed as our new all conquering hero – but the moment we get slagged for Anything, no matter how trivial, every single media point in the country throws a hissy.
    And, for the record, I am not a “Yankophile”, I am a wanna-be Canadian 😉

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