Black Adder added to GO!

baGO! has added comedy classic The Black Adder, to be screened as two back-to-back episodes each Friday, starting Friday, December 18 at 8.30pm.

The Black Adder follows the hilarious misadventures of Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh (Rowan Atkinson), the slimy and despised younger son of King Richard IV (Brian Blessed). Haunted by the memory of his uncle, Richard III (Peter Cook), whom he killed by mistake, he lurks in the castle corridors of power, scheming to get the better of his splendid elder brother Harry (Robert East).

On Christmas Day GO! will present The Black Adder Christmas Carol, a parody of the classic Dickens story with special guest Robbie Coltrane playing the ghost.

The Black Adder series begins Friday, December 18 at 8.30pm,  (Update: Series 1) with The Black Adder Christmas Carol airing Friday, December 25 at 8.30pm.


  1. Seasons 2 to 4 were easily the best, along with the great Blackadder’s Christmas Carol. I never enjoyed the first “The Black Adder”. The show only really took off when Ben Elton joined the writing team.

    This belongs on ABC1 or ABC2 though, not GO!

  2. I sympathise with the younger ones who are feeling cheated by Nine and their “youth” channel GO! (get used to Nine lying to you kids, they’re like that), however I’m also darn happy they’re GO!ing with Black Adder. A wonderful show I never saw enough of when it was new and now thanks to Nine’s misaimed programming I can.

    I’m smiling most days at the fact that although I’m supposedly outside it’s demographic I’m actually watching more GO! than I have Nine for many years, even during wabbit, er, ratings season.

  3. @Stan How about this decade? But seriously, even if Black Adder was produced last week, British period farce hardly fits Go!’s alleged demo. And the three people with any interest who haven’t seen it should just go buy the DVDs. Surely there are more crappy guilty pleasure reality shows they can be buying from E!, VH1 and Bravo, etc. How about a Kardashian or a Griffin?

  4. Great addition to GO! Blackadder is a brilliant series. And as for the retro sitcoms I wasn’t around in the 60’s but Bewitched,Get Smart et al are among my all time favorite shows. Great comedy is great comedy.

    Bring on Happy Days 🙂

  5. I like some of these old shows, but who do GO! think they are kidding when they claim to be a youth oriented channel while filling their schedule with retro-sitcoms whose main audience would be nostalgic 60 year-olds? The trying-to-seem-funky “GO Witch, GO Twitch” promos for Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie are just embarrassing to watch.

    Whats next… Happy Days? The Addams Family?

    How can Nine be planning a third channel for next year when GO! is still showing the same Seinfeld episode three times a day?

  6. love Blackadder, but will probably miss it as its not on the Foxtel EPG for GO

    So I will keep tuning into Balckadder on Comedy Channel

    And if series one is scheduled as described above with Brian Blessed and Robert East will teh Ch 7 logo on the final credits be edited out ????

  7. What is going on at GO!? They started out alright, got better, and then plummeted into a dumping ground for shows that were cancelled between 10 and 40 years ago. They have no longer got a range of shows which suit the demo’s they are after.
    Another thing with Digital channels, anyone see how awful the picture quality is on ABC3? It is shocking, even when viewed on Foxtel.

  8. Chad White is Hot

    OMG is this channel getting worse or what??

    They absolutely have no idea.

    This is supposed to be a Youth Channel isn’t it??

    No-one my age wants to watch these dated sitcoms.

  9. The Black Adder is the first series of the BBC situation comedy Blackadder …
    The series was originally aired on BBC 1 from 15 June, 1983 to 20 July 1983, and was a joint production with the Australian Seven Network.

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