Bumped: Jay Leno Show. Airdate: Benidorm

Updated: Plus 7TWO news on The Unit, Dirty Sexy Money, King of the Hill, All My Children, HeadLand and NAW on Fire.

theJayLenoShowA number of changes will be coming to 7TWO in January including The Jay Leno Show moving from 6pm to midday from Monday January 18, it will be replaced with reruns of Alf and Full House at 6 / 6:30pm.

Leno will be preceded by HeadLand at 11am and followed by US soap All My Children at 1pm. PG programmes are allowed in daytimes on digital channels from January 1st due to recent ACMA changes.

UK comedy Benidorm will premiere at 8:30pm also on January 18th. Benidorm revolves around the world of package holidays and is set in the Spanish resort of the same name. Written by one of Catherine Tate’s writers, this should be worth checking out. It is already up to its third series in the UK.

The Unit concludes with a double episode at 8:30pm Tuesday 19th -its last ever episodes. 24 will take its place a week later.

Dirty Sexy Money begins a 7TWO replay season from 11:30pm January 20. Wrestling fans take note NWA On Fire starts 10:30pm Thursday January 21st.

Corrected: King of the Hill will also join 7TWO from 7pm Thursday Janury 28th, replacing Mother and Son -which has been getting good numbers for the channel.

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  1. I think it is great 7TWO is going to have a competitve daytime line up and airing All My Children will be great for daytime.
    Has All My Children previously aired on 7two? because on tvguide.com.au it has All My Children as a repeat but ive never seen it previously in the 7TWO line up.

    All My Children previously aired on Fox Soap from 1996 to 1997, then when Fox Soap was axed it moved with to Fox 8, along with Another World, One Life to Live, General Hopsital and Sunset Beach.

    7TWO would do better to have a block of US daytime soaps, for instance General Hospital at midday and All My Children at 1pm.
    They have proven soaps rate better in a block.

    As for Jay Leno it could be on at 11am- it would be very competitive against these boring home shopping morning shows and news… or even late at night in prime time at about 1030pm .. again when there is news on.

  2. @vinny – thanks for the info. I hope they stick with AMC, not ditch it after a couple of months. You’re probably right about the idea of two back-to-back hospital soaps but, then again, majority of the action on General Hospital takes place outside of the hospital these days anyway!!

  3. I finally get 7TWO after nearly 2 months to finally get to watch Leno and they shift him. I dont think its to compete with Ellen either. I have heard the ratings are partially the reason. Oh well i guess i will have to record it then watch it at 6pm as i dont get 7 news until 6:30pm and i have been watching Leno until it starts.

    Also any word on if Prime viewers will get catchup on Heroes? I was waiting and then it was shown when 7two first launched and now i have missed all the new episodes.

  4. For Jay Leno to be live it could not be on any earlier than 2pm (AEDT) as that is 10pm Eastern in the US when it first airs each night.

    With 2 million watching the news at 6pm, any show – especially on a digital channel – is not going to rate well. Total number watching commercial digital channels from 6.00 – 6.30pm last night was 55,000 – that’s shared between 7TWO, GO and ONE!

  5. @Natalie – I am 90 percent sure though not completely sure (as you can see in my other post) that the episodes are about 2 years behind. I heard it somewhere (can’t remember if it was a forum or another site).

    I am not sure that people would want 2 hospital soaps back to back… General Hospital then Shortland Street .

  6. Interesting that they have chosen to show All My Children. Of all the US daytime soaps this is not one I expected to see on Aussie TV again after Foxtel gave it the flick 10 years ago. I’m interested to know how old the eps will be that they’re showing. Wish they’d picked up General Hospital instead, though.

  7. Jay Leno is the reason i watch 7TWO (on PRIME), there’s nothing else to enjoy at that time except for Simpsons repeats. I’d much prefer to watch it as it airs at 6pm. I’ve only had a week or so to enjoy it and already they decide to move it to midday? Looks like i’ll have to tape it then watch it during prime-time instead of watching other programming. D*ck move Seven. I really hope its a temp move while its running repeats. Please 7, move it either back to 6pm or at a later time of 10:30pm or later at night where it’s meant to be enjoyed. I don’t want to have to tape the show.

  8. Sorry. I had put links in my previous attempt. This is without links…
    Benidorm has been one of the funniest shows on UK TV in a long time. Written by comedy genius Derren Litten, you can find out more about him by searching for derrenlitten and also chat with him on Twitter derrenlitten also, some of the stars are on Twitter too, Jake Canuso who plays Spanish barman Mateo is jakecanuso, Hugh Sachs is hughsachs and the award winning director is sandymoustache. All are really nice guys and very friendly.
    Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.

  9. Shame that Seven are so intent on wasting the remaining episodes of King of the Hill, but at least the die hard fans who’ve been committed to Seven’s lousy airings of the series over the years can finally see it complete its run on FTA. Plus, I suppose it would be beneficial for Fox8 as they would finally be able to air the remainder of the series as well (as Seven has first run rights to the series… God only knows why considering how appallingly they’ve treat the show from the get go).

  10. I hope they play repeats of KOTH after they run the new episodes… 7 has treated that show so badly it was all around the place when it was on and it would be nice to see the whole series from whoa to go.

    I don’t understand how Alf or Full house will rate better that Leno, but it would be nice to see the final season of full house as that has never been played on free to air I think?

    Also why can’t Nine switch Ellen to GO! when the cricket is on? I think it would be a better fit there anyway….

  11. Do we know if All My Children is new episodes or repeats. If it is repeats which I suspect, is this because it has aired on pay television before ? Was it , or is it still on pay tv in Australia ?

    As the months go on are the episodes new on Seven or repeats ? How far behind … 2 years ?

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