Bumped: Supernatural, Don’t Forget the Lyrics. Airdate: Hell’s Kitchen (UK)

supernatural115More TEN changes:

Next Monday Supernatural will resume at a new permanent time of 9:30pm, following Stargate Universe at 8:30pm.

TEN is also dropping Don’t Forget the Lyrics from Saturdays (remains intact on Sundays) to be replaced by Merlin repeats from December 26th. Movies will now kick in at 7:30pm starting with That Thing You Do and Happy Gilmore at 9:45pm.

Hell’s Kitchen UK will air from 11:40pm. The series was created by Gordon Ramsay but features others.


  1. Ten do this all the time. Oh, it didn’t win the night with the first showing, let’s shaft it around until it does! Oh, it didn’t? How weird. I guess we should be thankful they haven’t nixed Supernatural (yet). Top show.

  2. Plus you cannot look at ONE episode of any series in isolation and judge the series on that ep…. I personally enjoyed the humour in the Supernatural episode Fallen Idols .. but then that is me I guess…LOL

  3. Byron, Supernatural’s ratings are horrid because Channel 10 took too long to put it back on. The fans have found other means to keep up with their show. Channel 10 is the loser here, not the show.

  4. If you look at Ten’s abysmal track record with scifi shows, their ratings quickly dissipate and the same will occur with SGU, which will get inevitably yanked and moved to a much later timeslot.

  5. @Brandex …. sorry I was citing when it happened in past years when Supernatural was on in the earlier timeslot …I agree it has not happened so far with this Season 5 being shown.

  6. SGU should be at 9:30 and Supernatural at 8:30 because I have already seen all the episodes of SGU so far thanks to Sci Fi and Supernatural being at 9:30 means that it clashes with The Fixer which I started watching when it came on SBS this week.

  7. @jacket I’ve seen the US episodes and I didn’t notice any cutting but I might not have been paying attention.

    I agree it’s a better timeslot. SG.U got better ratings so hopefully it can lead some more in to Supernatural and also, now Supernatural isn’t up against The Mentalist.

    Just a quick question David, have Ten said which Supernatural episode it’ll be? Because some guides made it look like they were skipping an episode but they might not have been updated yet.

    • Fallen Idols.
      “Sam and Dean head to a small town where people are murdered by famous dead icons. However the brothers come to a dead end when two teenagers reveal they saw Paris Hilton kidnap their friend.”

  8. lol happy gilmore again, i wish there was a way list find out the exact number of times it has aired on ten, along with big daddy, which has now been turned over to nine.

  9. Good move with Supernatural, works better at 9:30 IMO and SG:U might have half a change at 8:30 over the summer but will TEN continue with it come Feb or when it returns in the US?

    BTW do we know when SG:U is returning to SciFi?

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