Chat back before the cameras

Nine and Seven are believed to be both working on new panel-style formats.

mikeMore chat shows in the works?

The success of Spicks and Specks and Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (both directed by Jon Olb) has other networks reaching for the pilot slate.

The Age notes Nine has filmed a pilot for a new panel-style talk show with The Chaser’s Julian Morrow as host and other comedians. Nine is apparently approaching it as a ”workshop” rather than a full-blown pilot. There were previous reports of a panel show for Eddie McGuire as far back as August.

Meanwhile TV Tonight understands Seven has also been chipping away at a new panel-style show.

As long as it’s better than Todd McKenney’s You May Be Right in 2006.

Hitting the right note on these formats is a lot harder than it looks…

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  1. I can see it now,

    Nine’s panel: Eddie McGuire, Jules Lund, that Farmer’s wife host Natalie something, and Gyton Grantley.

    Seven’s panel: Grant Denyer, James Tobin, Mel & Kochie.

    Seven have the Working Dog team, just bring back The Panel. Good News Week and Hey Hey managed to make a comeback alright.

  2. Yes we do love a good panel show. Channel 7 already has a relationship with the Working Dog people maybe they should consult them as The Panel was a good format. Channel 9 should just forget about it. None of their current “celebrities” are any good.

  3. “As long as it’s better than Todd McKenney’s You May Be Right in 2006.” Ohh and that awful one with Andrew O’Keefe, it was worse than community TV.
    So many people do not trust Nine, and do not want to take up thier new offerings. They love to have their own celebs and sports people on, so it will probably end up being a hour long promo for all of Nine’s shows and sports.

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