Elliot ends the Rollercoaster ride

esElliot Spencer, host of ABC children’s program RollerCoaster, has resigned from the show after five years.

In a statement issued by the ABC, Spencer indicated he wanted to decided to pursue new opportunities as a writer /performer in TV comedy and light entertainment.

“I will truly miss hanging out with all of the amazing and hilarious Rollercastrians across the country,” he said. “I’m so unbelievably thankful for their support of the show and me, that it is impossible to describe my level of unbelievable thankfulness!

“However the time is right for me to start working on something bigger and funnier than was possible within Rollercoaster. So fear not my friends, my imagination is unstoppable. I’ll be back with something to make you laugh your lips off and once again say ‘Elliot is weird. But that’s why we like him’. As always, this is only bye for now, not forever.”

Tim Brooke-Hunt, ABC TV’s Executive Head of Children’s TV said, “ABC TV greatly values Elliot’s contribution and we are reluctant to lose his skills to the organisation, so we will assist him in finding other roles within the ABC, and with independent producers with whom we work.

“Elliot has made an outstanding contribution as both a writer and host of RollerCoaster over such a long period of time. He has been a positive role model for many kids who have regularly watched the show, and I am delighted he wishes to continue his career with the ABC,” he said.

Last week the broadcaster launched its new dedicated kids channel, ABC3 and ABC for Kids on ABC2. The Rollercoaster suite of programmes airs on both ABC1 and ABC3.

Spencer will remain on screen until late January 2010.

ABC says a decision on the future of the RollerCoaster block will be made in the New Year.


  1. Josh in doubt the head of light entertainment would be involved in a decision about childrens tv. A lot of us are annoyed about good game but blindly throwing mud doesn’t help.

  2. If only the ABC would use this opportunity to leave RollerCoaster host-less, and save money. Focusing on good quality TV series and more variety for RollerCoaster instead.

    But I doubt that will happen, with more pointless hosts added for the ABC3 channel. What a waste of money.

  3. @ Josh

    Totally agree. He probably was going to be replaced and wanted to avoid the backlash Jung got, so he resigned instead. We’ll only be proved right when a woman takes his job.

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