Extra 7PM Project pays off

TEN's decision to extend The 7PM Project took it to a stronger 826,000. And SBS kicked goals with Man Vs Wild.

7pmpThe first weeknight of summer ratings was good news and bad news for TEN.

Its move to extend The 7PM Project has paid off with 826,000 viewers. The network is airing one hour episodes on Mondays and Fridays through summer as a way of attracting new eyeballs to the show. Last night it spent longer on topics and didn’t have its first commercial break for 15 minutes. It also tweaked the set with more orange and brown hues.

But it wasn’t all going their way. Futurama dropped to 664,000 while Supernatural was only 514,000 and 532,000.

Presumably viewers still aren’t aware of where new shows are sitting on summer schedules. Consistent titles including The Mentalist and Destroyed in Seconds fared better with 1.22m and 1.17m respectively.

Elders with Andrew Denton was very strong on 1.00m.

SBS, which claims to perform best in summer, lived up to that word with Man Vs Wild eclipsing Top Gear, 708,000 to 672,000. Repeat or no repeat, it is a stellar achievement.

A very entertaining first episode of Burying Brian was 348,000 later at night for Nine.

Week 49

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  1. Not bad but it was bound to improve without Home & Away and 2.5 Men both of which do well in 7pms target demo. I liked the 1 hour version it was a lot less rushed and more relaxed although I would have liked to hear more about Charlie’s trip up the California coast.

    Funny that The Mentalist repeat did just as well as a new ep. Although in my case I missed much of season 1 so it was a new one for me.

  2. 7pm was great last night; continue with that and I may be a regular viewer come ratings season; the show definately picked up its game and I hope this 1 hour episodes on Mondays and Fridays expose it to more people and it can pick up a bit; I actually think if the show can get around that figure during ratings Ten would be quite happy; its quite a lift from its previous Monday outings. Struggling to crack the 700k and if it does its only just.

  3. Didn’t watch Supernatural as I have seen it already, watch Top Gear of course then FlashForward and recorder Elders. TEN has been promoting Supernatural a lot but maybe come Dec 1st people go into summer mode and forget there are some new shows on?

  4. looking back at man vs wild figures, i debuted 8 weeks ago with 460k and dropped to 350k the next week. since then it has continually risen and has now doubled its low figure. with weaker competition from other networks, the show may get close to cracking one million in the coming weeks.

  5. Even though I don’t have a ratings box, and have had a few issues with how many people supposedly watched something just because a small sampling did so.. it is great to see that more finally watched 7PM Project. I’ve been watching it since the first episode and have seen it evolve and it really is great and the move to an hour episode has been needed for a long time! Sometimes they spend too little time on a segment and those they interview have hardly had much to say because of it.

    @GuanoLad… you say nobody on Tv warned you of the move for Glee? They mentioned after the episode on Thursday last week that it was moving to Sundays, and 10 had been running promos since then.

  6. I was really critical a few weeks ago when ten announced hour long 7PM Project. I actually quite liked it in the end (I don’t watch any 6pm news or 6:30pm tabloid programming).

    Wasn’t too impressed by seeing the same show after Sports Tonight. Bring back Letterman.

    David: Is the 826,000 figure just the 7pm showing, or both the 7pm and late showing?

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