FlashForward out until March

FlashForward is out until March 4th and Nine will need to work around V scheduling too.

flashforward3It must be because Seven “leaked” it to the US.

The ABC Network has placed FlashForward on hiatus, decided it won’t be returning until March 4th. Most fans expected the show to continue in January.

The network wants to give the show a clear run without repeats. In the US some network shows are paused or recapped to fill in while production of episodes catches up. It also has the Olympics to contend with in early February.

Seven is now up to date with FlashForward‘s current US batch.

Meanwhile Seven isn’t the only one having to work around US dates. V will not return in the US until March 30th.

Only four episodes have aired in the US, and while it was always clear the show would be split either side of the New Year, the end of March is quite some way off. Nine may have moved sensibly on this one, even if it teasingly aired promos to us already.

Easter non-ratings begin March 28th for 2 weeks making the scheduling a bit of a challenge for the show, this week plugged by CEO David Gyngell as one of the network’s big titles for 2010.

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  1. @ ren. very true!!! I hadn’t thought of that, but that’s definitely true. Although I suppose they’ll just explain it away and say they’ve changed the future, or perhaps make another blackout happen.

    V is very good, and its great to see two female leads in a primetime show. It might work out well for 9 to hold it off after all ;P

    A lot of shows are going to be cut mid season, like Lost, which we were promised wouldnt have a hiatus for season 6, but now is going to. However, they also promised we wouldnt have one last year either :S

  2. I can’t speak for V as I haven’t seen any of it, but FF deserves to survive. It’s well written, well acted and has an involving mystery at it’s heart that should be holding the audiences, sadly however it doesn’t appear to be working. Ten plus years of reality trash and celebrity garbage has apparently so rotted the public’s attention span and ability to think that even good dramas cannot survive.

    On a related issue, what is this nonsense about our networks having two whole months off from ratings over Jan/Feb and then having another *two week* break at Easter? Easter is *four* days long people, not two weeks. Why do we have to put up with a fortnight of crap repeats every year for this mythical ‘super Easter’ the TV networks have apparently pulled out of thin air (or somewhere closer to where their brains are located I suspect)?

  3. I’m not a big fan of the show but watch in hope it gets better.

    Doesn’t these changes stuff up the narrative timeline? One of them was supposed to be killed off mid-March and the “flashforward event” happened in April. Does this change mean audiences will reach the “flashforward event” date before the characters do?

  4. May as well call it Season 2 – that is rediculously far away! I really don’t understand why they do things like this. I would think it would only lower ratings for the show due to viewers giving up.

    It would be ironic if ABC were to let Seven air episodes before the US, but after last week’s happenings and production of the episodes, it’s clearly a slim chance.

  5. Maybe 9 can hold V off until after Easter and launch it 9.30 following the final 2 episodes on Underbelly then move it to 8.30 if successful; or keep it at 9.30 and bring Sea Patrol into the Sunday 8.30 slot; Nine should make Sunday 8.30 the premiere Australian Drama slot; with Underbelly; Sea Patrol, Rescue Special Ops there should be enough episodes to fill the ratings season right there.

  6. I hope the at least make and aire the remaining Flashforward eps but at this point it’s looking more and more like a one series show.

    As for V the first 4 eps are great and I will be ‘tuning’ in for the rest, we always knew they would be on after the winter games and like here no one will be putting much good TV up against them, mores the pity as not everyone wants to watch winter sports while sweeting it out in the summer heat.

    Guess we’ll have time to catch up on our DVDs until March.

  7. ABC knows full well that both FlashForward and V are epic, epic fails. They can spin it however they like, but it won’t make a difference. Neither show will survive. And neither deserves to.

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